A Promise To Yourself

…and for Life.

It’s something that we often forgets. That’s right babes, I’m talking about Loving Yourself. Take time out for yourself, do something for yourself, get to know yourself. YES, take a deep breath (and make that humming sound if you will) and repeat with me:

From Now On, I Shall Promise Myself To Love Her. Love Me, Myself and I.

It’s not something that requires strength of moving mountains but why do we overlook? Perhaps you’re doing just fine, loving life, everyone’s Miss Sunshine; and that’s Awesome. But I wanted to reach out to those who are a little too hard on themselves for I get how it feels, for I was exactly one of them. We were wired in our mind since young to follow society rules, that means doing what everyone’s expecting you to, Be “Normal”; because if somehow that you don’t, you be granted as the selfish, immature, ungrateful child, the odd one, and not in a good way. And in some situations they get a little too hard when it comes to disappointing the people you’re closest with, the people that you Love.

But you know what?

  • FUCK THEM (But Still Have Some Respect).

Fuck society. Those who insist that you follow their advises are the ones who are selfish, not you honey. They did it sometimes because they love you, a little too much I should say, and they just don’t want to worry. Other times they did it because they couldn’t have the guts to do it themselves and they can’t see how you could. But what about the big picture here? Because if you don’t care about your dreams and goals, to figure out who you really are, No One will. So fuck the comparison. Do You. Walk your own freaking journey with your head held high and if you have to do it Alone so be it, and if you fall, Get Up; because to stick with the crowd for the rest of your life just to make everyone happy and to fit in honey, that, to me is even scarier than having a shorter lifespan. So be brave, set that goal that you’ve always dream of, walk that path that others deem taboo of.Be Different. Case in mind though, be an adult and bear your own consequences.


A lot of times, I tend to rush things, to try and take things into my control and all I get are just frustrations and one step backward. So don’t be that person; breathe, and take things easy. What will be, will be; and be Patient. Work hard for it but don’t expect anything, just let it flow and trust me, the universe will give back to you 10 folds of what you asked for, if not, 2 folds. Have Faith. I realize once I do this, when I trust the universe, my soul’s more at ease. So for the mean time, smell the roses, because well, they are there for a reason(just mind them thorns).


Before bae comes, or if he comes, don’t you dare lose yourself kitten. The weakest point us ladies could have? is having too much emotions(grrr), we let it take control over us more than it should, it’s in our nature. Learn to tame it down. I know bae can be irresistible, he came in like a unicorn and swept you off your feet like nobody else could, makes you go “ooh aah” and “God Yes!” in bed, suddenly you couldn’t find a reason not to smile. But you’re all irresistible yourself on your own without him too, so don’t make your world all about bae. Be your own person. Be that chick who’s comfortable in her own skin. You’ll love her even more.

Sadly, I’ve seen so many ladies’out there being so caught up in their other halves that they don’t care to invest in themselves anymore. I was one of them, yup I was that girl and I’m glad now that she’s gone, for good. So find yourself, have hobbies, take classes, get things Done; because if so happen bae leaves one day, you will still have yourself to hold on to because she never left.


Burn some scented candles or sticks, turn on that soothing music, shut off all social medias and electronics, whatever you have to do and go to bed every night with the right mindset. No matter how your day has been, try to laugh it off and tell yourself: it’s just a part of life to help you grow. Cry if you must, ’cause I know some days will be harder than most days, but urge yourself to sleep right, knowing that tomorrow will be another great opportunity, no matter what happens. Leave it to GOD for He’s already there. Start everyday as if you’re born again, my gorgeous darlings.


I have to confess, throughout my whole life that’s ever existed, with this post published will officially be marked as my First Ever blog being posted online(WooHOo0!). If you had asked me to do this 2 years ago, I would have just laugh in your face and walk off. I used to be such a private person that i would never have thought for less than a second to share my inner world out there; but here I am:) And guess what? I’m liking it. Heck, I’m actually liking it truly from my heart. So take that chance for yourself, if you have even the slightest gut feeling that you might be good at something, GO FOR IT, no matter what anyone says. I’ll be rooting for you.

And so ladies, as the New Year dawned upon us, make all the resolutions that you need, but if you only have One which is to Love Yourself, that will be the Greatest Resolution Gift ever you could give to yourself because if you have that honey, you have everything.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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