“Laters, Baby.”

Mr. Christian Grey.

The lone mysterious damaged billionaire with a dark past and hidden agendas so delirious you can’t help but feeling your way slowly up within those hemlines..Yes, it’s The Fictional Man Who Makes Every Straight Woman Out There Go Wet In Her Pants. The Man who lives in every woman’s sexual fantasy.

But let’s talk about the Parts Of Him.

Because he, Christian? Exists in Real Life. Around you and me. If you care to take the time to see it a little more deeply; could be that friend, could be that family of yours, could be that lonesome stranger sitting in the coffee shop watching passersby, could be that fine young man in his fine leather jacket in the bar puffing away with that wicked look in his eyes. No matter what the other articles or circulating lips told you otherwise.He Exist.The whole trilogy story shall forever remains as Hollywood romanticized ideal fantasy but not the leading man himself. Nah-Uhm.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the exact replicate of Christian Grey, that would be utterly ridiculous. Instead, it’s the bits and parts of Christian.

He’s the man who has his walls guarded higher than his peers, his demons lurking about within him with their slimy heads out, messing with his emotions however they want, whenever they want, captive in his own world.

He’s the man who’s ambitious, who made his own Rules, because he knew exactly how it felt to be poor and helpless.

He’s the man who drowns in his own sadness in the middle of the night, haunted by his own ghosts who went hidden during the day.

He’s the man who annoyingly thinks he can have the Final say in his relationships, in anything, when it starts when it ends and how it should be.

He’s the man who has his secrets and pasts tucked so deep inside him you can’t help but being drawn to him, like a moth to the flame; who makes you want to Cared for him.

He’s the man who would look and stare at you in a way that makes you go weak in the knees, making you feel so vulnerably naked before him even fully clothed.

He’s the man who had his heart so battled and bruised but still holding out that stainless steel exterior, who unknowingly, realize that his heart needed Love, so much more, if only someone, someone like Anastasia Steele could just comes in and hacks away all those barricades that held his heart captive, that made him feel numb all those years and once she found even that slightest glimpse of his beating heart, she would reach for it and hold it tenderly to herself and never let go, ever, no matter how aggravating or unbelievably self-loathing/detrimental he can gets; because she knew this is exactly what he needed, someone who won’t give up on him, someone who Loves him just the way he is, someone who shows him exactly how Lovable and worthy he is and made him Believe it.

He’s the man whom once his heart has been broken into, could love her right back with such Passion and logic that doesn’t makes sense, but would only makes sense in his own world.

He’s the man who would make love to her body while gazing deep into her eyes, into her very soul, leaving her weak with tears of joy and desire.

He’s the man who would pound her so hard that she would felt like the only woman in the world ever existed to him; and she is.

He’s the man who would protect her and be there for her at any cost, who can’t even fathom the reasons why he would go for such length for her. Yes it’s the man whom has such a big and pure heart that would love her in any way possible that he can.

He’s the man who’s so lovable unlike any others.

He’s the man who’s One In a Million.

Now let’s get back to the movie shall we. WHO’S EXCITED FOR FIFTY SHADES DARKER???? I know I am, right down to my panties I Am. I am such a Huge huge fan of this Masterpiece I can’t even. I Live for it. Any judgement on that, Burn. I clutch all 3 of my books of the whole trilogy to my core, they are like my Prized Babies, my golden collection. Long Live E.L.James.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the Greatest Fictional Love Story Ever Told. I, for one would never understand why some people would call it shallow, or simply just refuse to admit that they are smitten with it in public. Where’s the shame in that? I know there’s more to life but this is a story so Raw and Real and Vulnerable, it teaches you about Love and ain’t Love the greatest gift GOD could ever give us? It makes people tear down their walls with their partners and dare them to look fully into their heart’s desires, and I’m all about Raw Emotions. I think that is just. Sexy As Hell. It’s a phenomenon few would fully embraced, but hell it’s something that people would remember For Life.

I’m wishing so hard this time I could catch the movie in theaters, to experience how it’s like watching it with groups of strangers, all coming in with the same thought in mind. Naughty. So excited right now I’m going to include the trailer link here for those of you who so happen haven’t catch it.

And the movie soundtrack, Oh my LORD. Eargasm literally. I mean, Zayn’s voice. Get Out, who would have thought he has such a Sexy Falsetto?? And Taylor? You Go GirL. The lyrics,the video and everything about it, makes my heart bleed with Emotions. So there you go and prepared to play it over and over again till it gets stuck in your head, like i did.

Happy Valentines’ Week Honeys.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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