Fashion Tips on how to be Sexily Classy

I remember as a kid, I used to think that girls who dare to dress sexy are consider the cool chicks in town, or at least that was how the mean(and popular) girls in school paraded themselves in. The more skin you showed, the more attractive you are; and it was consider a bold thing in a good way. Or so they say.

But then I Grew Up. And I found out that fine line between Sexy and Slutty. Those thoughts and opinions back then became candles in the wind. My standards grew, and I discover this whole new bunch of women, these species, a different light. From the way they talk to the way they carry themselves, and most of all, the way they dressed themselves up. Knowing perfectly well how to strike that balance, it makes men respect them, because they set that foundation right.

Don’t get me wrong, that naughty vixen still lives inside them, the difference now is that they know very well how to control it enough to entice the opposite sex with some dignity intact. Personally I’m for one who loves to explore her sexuality and from there I told myself I want to be just like those women, someone who deserved to be treated with respect by men, who knows her self-worth and value.

Thus, I present to you my Top-Ten fashion tips in stepping up that game. Feel free to drop any comments below if you have any more awesome fashion ideas to share! Would Love to hear from you.


Slits. Oh Yes, I can’t get enough of them(which is why I put first on the list). They are like your secret weapon honey. That’s why they are subtle for a reason: to kill. No matter if it’s a figure hugging dress, a pencil skirt or a flowing maxi-dress(yes again, these three should be essentials in your wardrobe), try to set priority to those with that sexy side opening. Leave it decent at the top and YAS, Show Those Legs: God gave them(and slits) to you for a reason.


Those erogenous zonessss hmm hmm, with all those nerves ending scattered all around, you can’t deny the appeal it does on men. Just drop a slight view of it if you prefer. That will even make your crush/partner looking forward to put his lip up those areas(and we want that). Tease him honey.


Keep that opening line towards a maximum level preferably above your arse. No we don’t want to any “butt cleavage” peeking out in public. We are Ladies. Work out and tone those back muscles babes. You’ll thank yourself tons later.


(some)Women can’t live without them.

Yes it gives a sense of feminine power, and holds the answer in completing that look. I do agree it helps tons but personally, I wouldn’t say it’s a Must. Because it can be rather tricky in a sense, if you pair one(esp. those strappy kinds) with an outfit too revealing you might fall onto that Slut line or at least close to it, and we don’t want that. Design of the shoe counts, so proceed with caution. There’s always another alternative out there, one of them which leads us to the next point.


YAS! Don’t you just LOVE them. They scream sex appeal because they somehow remind you about Garters aka Lingerie. Which is why they are tricky too when it also reminds you of high-end prostitutes. 

Pair them with something conservative, a loose top, a cover-up or a maxi dress with yes, you know it: SlitsPair it Wise. I know you can do it. If you don’t have one right now, you can always substitute those boots with thigh high leggings/stockings and wear it with either booties/closed-heels/flats, whatever you deemed right to your style. Keep those stocking colors to the dark spectrum, or just go for the Classic Black(Yas), and honey, no fishnets or scattered holes in those stockings, keep it blank(with just a little touch of design details if you want) and straightforward. The point, is to set those God-made thighs of yours on fi-re.


Rather than the typical tubes or sweetheart tube top, why not cover it up with a thin layer of fabric to feed his imagination?(and less boring for you)Lace kind? Even Betterrrrr. Be it your chest, your midsection, your back, your legs, choose One to flaunt it at one time and rock that asset.


Don’t neglect them. Be a good girl now and stay healthy, we don’t want a bulging tummy. No stressing honey, you don’t need a six pack to rock this.

Though two keys to note: First is to pair your mid-riff top with a high-waisted bottom; if it’s a dress make sure it’s cut above your belly button, I know that tiny hole is cute but remember that we want to stay in the classy category so anything below your belly button would scream towards Casual. Second is make sure your top/dress is tight-fitted, somehow it’s more figure-flattering and less slouchier that way. Of course there are no strict rules here, what I’m offering here are just helpful tips.


The 90’s Classic. Precious.

The way they clung on to your neck, just the sight of you in that(with nothing else on) sets his soul on fire like no other. Perhaps it had something to do with 19th century history of prostitution, it rose a woman’s sex appeal and fits right into a man’s sexual fantasy with reasons they can’t quite spin their mind around. I’m more than thankful that they are back in fashion. I say EMBRACE THEM. Be it leather, velvet, bejeweled, lace, take your pick, wear them as much as you can. The perfect cherry to the top to spice that outfit up. You can wear different types of them at one go of course, but I think stay to just one is what makes it So Sexy. Minimalism baby.


Ever make use of that blazer that’s sitting in your wardrobe to full use of its potential?

It damn well can be one of your most favorite sexual statement to make, all the more if you’re blessed with Good Racks. This one takes a bit more guts for the self-conscious but let your full cleavage shine to the world honey, with or without a pretty bra with it, and buttoned up that blazer; or leave it open with a corset inside. Show them what you got! Something so intimidating yet so dangerously Sexy is what going to set you out from the crowd precious. Just remember to Stay safe from pervs out there lurking around because trust me, you will get a lot of Stares, ample of it.


Last but not least. Another of my favorite. CAN ANYONE JUST UNDERSTAND HOW SEXY THIS INVENTION IS?? Male or female, oh how it does wonders. It reminds me of lazy Sunday mornings, coffee, lingerie and Sex. Lots of Sex. Ripped-my-shirt-off-kind-of-Sex… Alright alright Focus.

What can I say, it’s both a fantasy and fashion smart statement. That sneaky possibility of having people catching a glimpse of what’s underneath that fabric. Tip: Wear your boyfriend’s or husband’s white shirt instead. BOOM. And the biggest plus point? You can pair it with Just About Anything! and whatever you pair it with, it’s allowed to be a little more revealing. You will still end up looking Smokin’ either way. Now, back to that fantasy….



To sum up this article, I’m going to share two key points with you: 1. Imagination 2. Balance. Treat your body as an art, an art that creates imagination. The word literally is not welcome here. Show ’em a little skin, give it a tease and Stop where it should be, stop after that focal point(which in this case is one of your body parts). Learn to balance out that sex appeal in you. Balance, balance, balance.

The all Wonderful(and magical) thing about women, is that our bodies are crafted and created by GOD in such a Perfect way no living organism can out-stand. Top to bottom, with every single Curves and outlines baring different shapes across the universe, we are born to appeal to the opposite sex(or in come cases, same sex), from our slender shoulders all the way down to our dainty feet, it’s an inner seduction power that us and only us, as women possess.

We are delicate yet forceful human species. We are mystique creatures with minds as deep as an ocean. Choose what’s invented out there and blend it with what you’re born with and Choose It Wisely, because when you feel really, Really Good about yourself, both inside and out, you can achieve just about anything. Take it from James Brown, he surely knows where he’s getting at when he sang those words:

“This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing, not one little thing, without a woman or a girl.”

 Celebrate yourself now as ladies girlfriends, and may you stay true always to yourself to blossom into that woman you always dream you would be.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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