Her “Secrets”

Every woman wants to be “Her”.

You know, the babe who walks down the street looking so fabulously…..Confident. Eyes follow, wherever she is. Leaving you wondering why you were even so self-insecure in the first place when she’s just there laughing, talking and smiling like a God-Sent-Angel to that cute guy who gets even more smitten with every minute that flows by.

But Honey. Newsflash: she’s just as Broken as you, just as the other girl in the same room staring out the window with sullen eyes, on the next stool.

Or at least on the inside. You had your shameful stories and so does she, maybe even worse. But nobody knows. Every stranger who passes by looks at her and thought what a perfect life she must have had, lucky genes, well-to-do family background and hell bet she had got a couple of hot boyfriends or so. Anything she wants, she gets. Perfect.

If only they knew.

But they don’t have to. Because they don’t need to. Because sometimes, she is how she is now lead by her Past. Those painful memories. And she knows that, and so she Chose. Chose to hide it. Chose to be stronger than this, bracing herself for what’s more to come. And so can you.

So how does she hide it? What does she possess? How did she stand so tall and beautiful?What magic potion did she drank to overshadow that woman who felt so out of love, shaken and damaged, who holds a part deep within her?

Nothing Extravagant. She just….


Yes honey. Exactly how fashion models walk down the runway; better still, channel how the Victoria Secret Angels werk it. Women who exude sexual positive energy, knows her worth, kills the world with the wink of an eye and treat life with a flamboyant kiss before turning, revealing those full extraordinary wings and walking back again with that killer “bring it on, world” attitude(oh how we love them).

This is not about that “I’m better than anybody” arrogance, it’s the way when you straighten that back, pull back those shoulders, head held high, lift(instead of dragging) your feet with an enthusiastic rhythm of their own, refusing to back down when life screwed you time and time again, that really do set that pretty little mindset of yours to Survive instead of giving up and giving in, wallowing in your own self-pity. It’s that extra energy that when you chose to put out(just in the way you walk), grants you right back that extra will you needed to go on. Strive on. It’s True. It’s simply magical like that. It’s something that happens within you and not quite something that you can explain thoroughly enough to others, but maybe you can just say it’s the oxygen, snaps you right back to clarity when you let it in.

So Observe. Watch videos. Loads of them. Let in run in your blood. Let it becomes second nature. Let it be a part of YOU. It just takes a little bit of imagination and extra effort. Worth It. Start from Today. Practice. Werk it Girl.


And tune the world out. Yes you probably knew it already, Music does makes wonders. Magical Wonders. Because the world can be so Cruel and Nasty, that makes you feel like being knocked out of your guts, out of air and kicked out from behind the knees, falling, writhing in pain where no one could understand. And sometimes, Only Music Understood Fully. Solace. Some stranger out there wrote something so beautiful as if it spoke to you and only you, and you felt better knowing that: Hey, I ain’t that crazy after all.

OR, pick out your most current Favorite Song. That one song that you have to play repeat until your ears bleed. Take that and play it in your head over and over again, recapturing that moment when that beat came on leaving you so entranced, when your soul jerked awake and you came Alive. Yes do that when you’re out and about, when you’re somewhat feeling demotivated. When you left your earplugs/Ipod at home. Baby you’ll be strutting your stuff out in no time.


It’s a Powerful mantra. That instant Transformation. Bare Lip. And then BAM! Vixen.

Suddenly you cant stop staring at yourself in the mirror, thinking: Damn I should have let you out a long time ago. Celebrities, the IT Girls, Supermodels all knew that undeniable force that small little stick carries, which is why they worship it. They put it on diligently every.single.day. You don’t even need deep liners or mascara,  just slick on those lip colors and you’re more than ready to go(and conquer the day). Click here for ways to make sure your lipstick Last!


Get to know yourself More. Know your body shape and experiment with clothes. Take note of how you feel in the fitting room every time. Find your very own Niche and stick to it. Have An Identity. What’s your style? Forget about trends, Comfort and Confidence should be the 2 main factors for deciding what to put on your body every single day. When you look(really) good, and you know it, everything will fall into place.


You know it’s vital. But how do you achieve that? How can you work towards your own way? By throwing yourself out of your comfort zone constantly. Get yourself addicted to “Healthy Pain– having a level of Self-Discipline in life regardless in working out, eating right, learning new things and not giving up. Push and push until you reach your desired level and then go some more. Train yourself to not be influence by others.

They always say don’t run with the crowd but I think what matters more is to surround yourself with the Right Crowd instead. We all need a little help here and there. Once you know what you’re Capable of, you’ll have a more positive outlook in life and in yourself. What happened in the past won’t really matter anymore, because you are Not that person anymore. It’s not going to be easy but It Is the Only Way. Love Yourself.

She took these 5 things and she tackles her days, her demons.

What makes her so Attractive is what hidden inside her. That amazing strength. It’s the not-so-rosy things that happened that makes her appreciate life’s little wonders and gifts a little more, be bolder and taking chances because she’s thinking: What have I got to Lose? Her heart is Numb, Harden but it is Stronger. She has learnt that she can’t hope for things to happened according to her fantasies and ways, there’s no other way but to accept the Cruelty Of Reality and she learnt it the hard way. It’s what hidden inside her that transpired into the Beautiful Strong Woman that she is now. A woman with depth and substance. A woman who learnt to Fight.

So tonight honeys, count your past mishaps as a True Blessing In Disguise, they could even be the best thing that happened to you. Be this woman. Even on days that you don’t feel like a fighter, promise me one thing and One Thing Only: try to make yourself look Amazing before stepping out that door and I promise your day will turn out just as Awesome:) I struggle too a lot but it’s a phase that’s inevitable. For the mean time, all we can do is to take care of ourselves a little bit more each day and you will be Okay. Huggies.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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