9 Ways To Seduce Your Man With Lingerie

They say, “A woman in her lingerie to a man is as how a man in his suit to a woman”.


I’m not talking about the basic bra and pantie, you know what I’m referring to. Victoria Secret, Agent Provocateur, Frederick’s Of Hollywood, La Senza… Lingerie brands with a provocative twist, transforming women into Sex Goddess, and making him feeling like the Luckiest Man On Earth to have her striding across him in Nothing but her lingerie.

So without further ado ladies, here are 9 ways that you can make use of those dainty cheeky little undergarments to lure your husband in(tonight).


So many designs out there, so many Surprises. Invest in them from time to time I say. You don’t have to buy a new set all the time, just play Mix & Match! Have fun while being Sexy. Better yet, get something that he won’t expect you to be in, something that you won’t normally wear, something that makes his jaw dropped. Make him craves for more, leaving him always wondering: What’s Next?

Take his breathe away e.ve.rytime honey. You don’t have to wait till Christmas or Valentines’ Day to surprise him. Men are visual creatures who need to be entice constantly. They get bored far too easily than us women. So Don’t Be Lazy honey, scout about. Be Unexpected. Don’t be that chick who falls stagnant just because your relationship isn’t new anymore. Own Your Sexuality As A Woman Always.


Whenever he’s not with you. Weather he’s at work, hanging out with the guys, running errands or away on a business trip. When he’s not looking, sneak your bra or your panties into his pants’/jacket’s pocket, or in his bag/suitcase. He would probably gasp or caught red-handed if someone else saw it the same time as him finding out, but nevertheless one thing is for sure: He won’t mind the least bit. Nothing turns a man on more than when his woman’s as frisky as wanting him the same way. You bet you be on his mind the whole day through, thinking of all the things he’s going to do to you when he finally see you at home.




On days when you know you’ll be home earlier than him? Make use of that opportunity! Even more so when he’s already in the mood. Answer the door for him or do about your business in the kitchen half naked in either a bra or pantie underneath your shirt/pullover/sweater. Bottoms are not needed. Steer yourself away from him whenever(and of course he will)he starts to come close. The idea is to try and not let him touch you for as long as it permits. He be the cat and you, will be his mouse. Act like you don’t know what’s going on while letting him peak at your lingerie and watch that Sexual Tension Soars before he prowls on you for Dinner.



Similar to the previous point, deliberately undress and put on your most flattering lingerie in front of him. Proceed to putting on your make up, still half-naked in your lingerie. Move around and ignore him though you are fully aware that He’s Watching. When he comes behind you at the mirror, don’t resist his touch. Whatever happens, Don’t Have Sex with him. Try to resist that Temptation till you’re out and about, being home and alone together again. It’s all about Delayed Gratification baby. Get ready to have one of the most Mind-Blowing Sex the both of you could ever have. If you can’t hold it out that long, well just find a private place outside and romp your hearts out.


Care-freely lay your undergarments around your apartment; on your lamp stand, on the bed, by the couch, wherever you deemed fit alluring. It’s a sexual display of your femininity for your husband. He might be waiting for you to get ready hun but he be also imagining how would that bra looks like on you while tracing his thumb on the fabric..



If your man so happened bought you a brand new lingerie set that he would love to see you in, don’t straightaway wear it to show him on the day he gave it to you. Instead, wear that special baby on the Least Expected Moments meaning non-special occasions, just day to day affairs: days when you’re staying in with him, when the both of you are watching TV, when he’s just there playing his video game consoles; just nonchalantly strut over and(straddle onto his lap if you wish)Strip in front of him, revealing to him what he’s been longing to see all this time, adding that unexpected touch is what top the dime. This is something very much personal and intimate than usual simply because he personally took the time to choose it, that lingerie carries the soul of the man who’s The Love Of Your Life, which is what makes it such a Huge Turn On.


Let your lingerie peek through your clothes throughout the whole day/night. Loosen a few buttons, don something half-transparent, wear a little low-cut, lifting up that hemline “accidentally” to reveal a little glimpse of your garters.. Let him have a tiny peek into what he’ll be getting later..if he’s lucky. Hold his gaze while touching yourself casually on your collar bone or thigh, running your fingers tip up and down..he be begging you to head home before that movie even started.


When you are out stocking for new lingerie, don’t hesitate to ask for his opinions if you can’t decide on which to pick. Wear your options one by one in the fitting room, strike the sexiest poses you could think of and take a picture of yourself in them each. Send them to his phone and nonchalantly ask for his “help”, like you did it with zero naughty intentions. He be kicking himself bad for not being there with you at that time and location. If you’re shopping online, well send him the pictures all the same(send it during his work hours if you can), and let him do all the imaginations while giving you suggestions on the other side(probably squirming in his seat). Pick what he chose girl.



Maybe there comes some nights when the both of you couldn’t get to bed at the same time. Who says you can’t still let mischief runs. If he knocked off earlier before you: slick on that sexy lingerie and then slip in next to him and call it a night. He will wake up tomorrow morning Pleased, with a surprise appreciation thinking: wow I just spend the night with a Sex Goddess.

If you knocked off earlier before him: slick on that lingerie all the same, dim the lights and sleep. Don’t shut off all the lights so that he can still see you. That gorgeous sight of you will leave him cuddling up right in later with his hands(and lip) all over you when he’s ready for bed. Have fun between your blankie. It’s either Sex in the morning or Sex in the middle of the night. Win-Win.

I am going to present you One more tip now(that makes it a full 10 yay). Word of caution, this last one is more for the DareDevils.



…..and not just eyes on the Big Screen. Wear that new lingerie that he has never seen before under your dress when you’re out on a date with him, preferably a sexy figure hugging dress. Whispers in his ears before the movie that you are wearing something inside that he will like. Choose a corner or a back seating for the both of you; when the lights dimmed and the movie comes on, with every other eyes fixated on the screen, it’s time to get your freak on. Make his heart race by taking his hand and slowly reach under your dress towards where your lingerie sits purring. Let his fingers move around underneath and fondle with the fabric, tracing every detail and every outline….letting him piece the puzzle together of how your lingerie looks like in his head before unwrapping you out like a present when you reach home. Good luck in concentrating on the movie while keeping your breath steady.

You’re Welcome.

Before I go, here I am going to list out my top 10 go-to lingerie brands that you can easily shop online or at a store near you.

Avec Amour LingeriePerk By KateFrederick’s of HollywoodLaSenzaVictoria SecretFor Love&LemonsLa PerlaAnya LustOh La La CheriIsabella’s Passion

Now excuse me while I go and stock on some new lingerie of my own.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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