10 Little Intimate Things You Can Do With Your Man(no sex involved)


3 little letters, purring like a kitten. 3 little letters, forming into just a simple word, but a word that resolves into immediate shush exchange of words, sneaky grins, waves of flush in the cheeks and brazen eyes. Everyone WANTS a piece of it. I know I do. 3 little letters, generating into a singular noun that signifies one of GOD’s greatest gift to man kind. Pleasure.Lust.Intimacy.Connection. 3 little letters, such Magnitude.

Let’s pick Intimacy. Every couple who’s invested in their relationship desires that. And it seems that nothing pulls them closer than being exposed and vulnerable, skin on skin, us against the world. But is sex all that there is? The only answer that makes or break a relationship? I pondered. Now all that I left with is the answer of Yes and No. But hey, that’s because I’m a lady; I’m sure if this question were to thrown at Men, there wouldn’t be an in-between but a Definite. Such easy creatures. 

Getting to know your partner(intimately) requires more than Sex. Sex is what burns the bridge. And then there’s more. It’s the other little things too which you do with your partner that ignite your senses to the other parts of him/her, bringing them into a different light. Foregoing sex just for that few hours doesn’t mean there’s a distance slowly creeping up between the both of you.

So yes, let me share a few ideas. Date Ideas that I personally think that are just as Sexy As Hell(even without sex), and they don’t even cost a dime. What can I say? I’m a simple girl.


cook together.jpg

Ever experienced how that Magical Curtain unfold when you witness a Man whipping up a storm in the kitchen? Yeah. Gimme more of that! That sight of his back view, those broad shoulders, the curve of his back…head down with all his attention focused on fully what’s in front of him, just so he could Whip Up something Decent(talk about being sweet).

Imagine you joining in the picture and cooking up both of your own little Love Pot. Working as a team. Harnessing your own love ingredients. There’s nothing more heart warming in that moment to witness how your man took the care to know just how much salt or pinch of garlic to add. You be guaranteed with the fact that he becomes somewhat of a man who takes care of details, which also translate to the fact that he will be attentive to your needs. A Man who’s sensitive to your needs. Hallelujah.

Never mind if the both of you mess up like children in the kitchen(that is the original goal!), because cooking is somewhat like bearing a baby(okay, probably gallon times less painful); whatever the results turn out, there’s bound to be love mixed in with it. “Couples who cook together stay together.” Bonus? There’s always something in the kitchen for sex later. Wink*


That music video of John Mayer on his guitar, with those lovey-dovey eyes singing to his on screen girlfriend, how her body is a wonderland and how white her skin is as porcelain. That’s making love to her right there. with His Voice and Music that is. That’s how you would want to spend your day/afternoon/night, just gazing at your lover while he does that to you.

Men who can sing always get to me. Esp. if he’s blessed with that Oh.So.Soulful.Deep.Voice. That raw passion spreading across his face, tugging on his emotional zoneS. I don’t know about you, but that alone makes me go wet already. If singing is your forte too, Join Him! Something about it.Something about when you opened up those pipes and join in tune with your man, melting into one single rhythm,  suddenly the world just melts away. And when you’re staring into his eyes, you think to yourself: Gosh I am the luckiest girl in the world. Better still, make that bond tighter with a song that holds intimate meaning for the both of you, that tells your story. Your Song. Our Song.


That moment when he asked me that, all I could think of is: Holy Sweet Mama, that’s about the Sexiest thing anyone had ever asked me. He probably knows it’s sexy too, that’s why he asked. But I don’t think he had any idea the emotions I felt then convulsing in my groin, neither the idea of mine wanting to try that with him even before he asked then. -story of my life

Just like singing, it’s what music does to people. Dancing Is Sexy. It allows you to express yourself using your body. When words can’t say enough, music can, your body can. Tell it to the world honey. And when you get to dance with your man, your soul connects, your bodies move together as One. Just like Sex. Heck, it’s like Sex On The Dance floor, In Public. Metaphorically speaking of course. Not sure how to dance? You’re just a phone call away to your nearest dance studio. Invest a little in dancing if you have the slightest interest honey, trust me it’ll be one of the best decision you ever made.


Ignite that extra fantasy in your relationship. Need I say more? Click here for my shares of erotic movie choices to choose from, spread out that love nest and snuggle in. Being half-naked is encouraged. Restraining from sex in the middle is not guaranteed. May the odds be ever in your favor*



If your man is somewhat of an artist, why not let him spend the afternoon just snapping away shots of you? Raw, random natural shots. Regardless in the comfort of your home or outdoors. Don’t worry about weather the pictures will turn out nice, just let go and be your utmost natural self in front of him(his lens), have fun, be creative, take from different angles, try different poses, different face expressions, wear something that’s sweet and flirty. Remind him of why he fell in love with you in the first place, that moment when he first saw you. When he’s done having his round, take that camera and have him as your subject this time. Have selfies together. Keep those precious photos after in a cute album and fall in love with each other all over again every time you flip through.

Oh the young Jack Dawson.

Or, if your man’s talented in sketching, channel that scene from “Titanic” and be your own version of Jack & Rose. YES, have him sketch you out for the day. In a way, this lets him has a closer gauge on his baby’s facial features: every curves every lines that makes up that pretty face. It’s Intimate. Frame that picture up if you will, hang it on the wall and tell your future kids: yeah, that’s daddy drawing mummy.


 Baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, lotion, whatever it is that’s comfortable for the both of you, whip it out and set the ambiance right in your very own cocoon. Dim that light, turn on that sensual list of music and let your hands do the Magic after that hard day at work. Nothing screams more sensual than this(apart from sex). You will appreciate each other even more.



Let’s face it. We can’t run away from exercising. Our bodies would ROT without it. But taking time out for it can be a drag sometimes, so why not use Bae for motivation? You get to see each other and you’re one step closer in achieving that dream bod(Yay). Be each other’s cheerleader. I don’t know about you, but if I see my man working hard, sweating profusely with those eyes set hard for his goal, that would make me wanna Push Harder too. Plus the bonus of seeing those muscles outlines rippling under his shirt? Don’t even make me go there. 

So which fitness regime would work best for the both of you? There are tons of tutorial videos online for couples. The plus side of working out together of course, is flirting a little in between those moves. Or, chug all that research and just go for a run or hike together. It’s Intimate because it lets you see the side of your partner’s that not so glamorous, you’re just in your sweat pants and tank top, no make up and panting for dear life. It’s that journey of self-improvement and to be able to go through it together is what’s Alluring.



Even better, skinny dip, if circumstances allowed. This somehow reminds of those mischief adolescence years of sneaking out from your parents’ house just to meet with your high school crush. Forbiddingly Sweet. It’s that cold night air sipping through your skin with the water lapping about on your body, and you’re there alone with Bae with the whole pool all my yourself…Nicee.


Have you ever ask your partner what does he likes on you? And vice versa? Come your next shopping trip together, let him be the captain of your wardrobe and in turn, you be his. Go into a retail together and let him pick out what he likes/thinks would look good on you. You gotta let go and trust your man on this one honey. You don’t have to fit or buy anything if his choices aren’t to your liking, but I’m sure there’s bound to be One, at least. It’s his willingness to actually agree on doing this in the first place that’s endearing. Imagine him analyzing(and Men Don’t Analyze) part of his thoughts just for you, How Sexy Is That! Truth be told, most men won’t give a f***. So if your man does this, it shows that he has a sense of style and he cares enough to explore what goes on your body. Treasure Him.

And you know what’s even better that comes out of this? Is that you will have a part of him now owning that specific dress/top/skirt that he picked, like a little trinket locked tug in your heart. So even when he’s away, take out that dress and wear it on days when you miss him most. It’s almost like he never left. –story of my life

In turn, do this for your man too. Pick out what you have always wanted to see him in. I’m sure he will be more than thankful to have someone step in and ease his burden a little. Likewise, never force him if he doesn’t like something. If he loves you, he will treasure your opinions too. At the end of the day, if either one of you’s on a budget, you don’t have to force yourself to buy anything. The key here to have fun while spending time together and also understanding more about the person you’re dating with: Is he the reserve type? The outgoing type? The open minded type? The fussy type? It goes both ways. This will help the both of you gauge too how far can your relationship go.


Last but not least. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is: Communication.

Lay together, on your bed, on a blanket under the stars, wherever; and just cuddle with your man and talk. Share about your goals and dreams, share about what you adore most about each other, what you dislike about in life, share about where you want your relationship to head, are the both of you walking towards the same path, things like that. Do Nothing. Just you, him, and the words that are exchanging between your lips.

Consider this as a Must-Do session from time to time with your man. Conflicts and misunderstandings occur far too often because couple took something as simple as this for granted. Your man isn’t a mind reader and so are you. So tonight, take the time out, plop onto that bed, cuddle into your man and ask him how was his day today.


 See I told you we could survive without SEX. wink*

Jokes aside, I hope all these does in a way to help you grow more intimately with your man(and to a BETTER SEX LIFE!). Love, as life, could be just as simple as how we want it to be. It doesn’t have to be exotic location getaways or fancy dinner on rooftops. For as long as he’s right there, right then by your side, that’s basically Everything You Could Ask For. Sweet Dreams.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


One thought on “10 Little Intimate Things You Can Do With Your Man(no sex involved)

  1. Well, there are definitely some good advice here. I like to massage my wife and it’s great to receive her portion of massage back. And she goes to heaven when we are in a bathtub and I massage her feet and kiss her toes )


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