How To Be A Sex Kitten.

A young woman who asserts or exploits her sexual attractiveness.

~~ Google Definition of “Sex Kitten”

Notice how they used the word “exploit” -meaning to make full use of or derive benefit from a resource. That resource, my gorgeous darlings, is none other than YOU.

Yes, I believe every single woman on this earth is Attractive in each their own unique ways, for you’re a Masterpiece from our Lord Almighty, and GOD’s Creation – Perfection. And as long as you’re a woman, you’re abound with Sensuality inside and out, it Runs in your blood. It’s a secret superpower we women possess and it’s all down to how you want to harness it and showcase to the World. Marvelous.

Even as a kid, I was already fascinated by how the human body works, how just a certain touch could give a certain pleasure point. Since it’s remarkably impossible to be educated about that at that age, times I’m just amused at how I even came to discovered it. It felt alienated at that point but I was captivated, it left an imprint in me. I guess that was how I gained so in tune with my sensuality now compare to my peers.

I suppose it started when I was about 16. I started to dress a little differently, going behind my family’s back, showing a little bit more skin. One of my closed friend teased me then saying: “She’s starting to walk down the Sexy Pathway.” I just shrug it off but on the inside? I felt pleased. It’s like I was starting to found my identity. I felt pleasured knowing that I have the power to shift things. And she was right. By the time I hit college and got exposed fully to make up and clothes, my whole persona changed. I defy every single expectation everyone who knew me before college had.

Now as I grew up, people around me, even strangers started to acknowledged me with the word “Sexy“. It wasn’t my intention to be seen as that, all I know is I just acted in that certain way, talk in a certain way, dressed and carry myself in a certain way that felt like home. I Love It. I Love the way it make me feel. I Love the effect it does on Men. Some people might see it as Provocative, I see it as Empowerment. I’m not sleeping around and just because a woman is behaving in a way that’s tantalizing, it doesn’t always means an initiation of sexual immorality.

I’m tired of trying to hide it in case of society’s scrutiny, family’s disapproval and bias judgments. Now, I just let the word hung with me; because I know now that that’s just the way of how I am, and I’m done hiding. Which is why I’ve decided to pen this article(and shun off the conceptions of it being deemed taboo) –How To Be A Sex Kitten Without Looking Desperate/Slutty. Again, it’s all about striking that Balance. I’m no expert nor am I Miranda Kerr obviously, but I do know a fair share of ticks and tacks.


It’s in the way your body moves. If you have ever join a class or seen videos of people doing it, you will know how it works. They enhances flexibility, endurance and strength, toning up those muscles in all the right ways, giving your body a Sexy Definition. Victoria Secret Angels swear by them. Just like dancing, it changes the way you move in your daily routine, you body became lightweight and you find yourself moving as light as a ballerina. Not only that, they cultivate a sense of gentleness, patience and Poise. You became In Tune and more comfortable with your body. Your body languages changes. The way you get out of the car, the way you sit, the way you stand. And how does sensual ladies carry themselves? Exactly that. The more you practice the more it’s abide in you. So go on, sign up that class and Never Look Back.


I remember the first time I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. It was the 2005 version when Tyra Banks was still owning the runway. I Was Hooked. With all the music, lingerie and gorgeous women appearing on my screen, I thought that was one of the most incredible thing I ever seen. The rest is history.

Watch videos, flip through magazines, surf online at how sensual women and models behave, get exposed to that constantly; interesting how the brain captures routines of what the eye precepts and changes your body languages in time. Don’t for a second think that you’ll never be that woman. It’s All In Your Mind Set. Use those tricks you learnt on your man and watch him having a hard time getting his hands off you.


Ahh makeovers. A woman’s best friend. Better than a counselling session I say in getting over that heartbreak, getting over that old phase of your life: Starting Over. What Makes You Feel Sexy? A certain haircut? A wardrobe update? Do your research, find what suits you, Make That Change and Own It.


    1. LIPSTICK. I have talk about its tremendous power in one of my previous article. And I’m gonna emphasize it here Again. It’s the perfect remedy for the Lazy Girls. Take a look at these women before and after slicking on that killer red stick. Bam.BaM.BAM.

Well goody me, this time, I’ve decided to feature my face as a canvas for that before and after look. All I did was just base & concealer, brows and lipstick. That’s it. And I’m good to go. I hope you get the drill. While it’s no harm getting every different types of color, having that One red shade is a Must.

2. SMOKEY EYES THAT PURRRRSSSS. Yes, those Smoldering Cat-Eyes. Don’t think I need to elaborate much here(Miranda has all the answers up there). YouTube! Watch how those killer eyes are done. Educate yourself kittens. I know I need to myself.

No need to fuss too much about elaborate make up techniques. From the way I see it, master these 2 things and emphasize stronger on One of them at a time. Highlight them both strongly together at one go just doesn’t work too well. Look at Miranda, she tainted those eyes while leaving her lip just to a soft sweet pink and that’s how a Sex Kitten portrays: Subtle yet Captivating.


How Souls Catch Fire“, they say. Yes kittens, the next time you’re talking to a man whom you’re interested in, Hold That Gaze, a little longer. Imagine with your eyes all dolled up, serenade him even further by looking him in the eyes. Let him admire you just for a few seconds, drowning in those windows which lead to your Soul. I’m not saying about Staring of course, it’s different. It’s about holding his gaze and looking away in between, smiling with those gorgeous eyes every time your eyes meet his, it’s about letting him having an insight as to what you’re thinking without you speaking, it’s about flirting with your eyes.

Just be natural on this one, go with how your heart is feeling and don’t try to overdo it(don’t freak him out!) Confidence is Key. Make yourself look amazing before heading out and you’re already halfway there. Need reassurance? Just practice in front of the mirror.


That’s right honeys. Looking the part on the outside is simply not enough. You Gotta Feel It From Inside Of You. It’s a Whole Package. Dig It Out. The keywords are Don’t Be Shy. Don’t feel weird or shy to touch yourself, to discover where your pleasure zones are. Understand your body. Be comfortable looking at yourself being Naked. Ever watched how those VS angels pose and flirt with their bodies with the camera so effortlessly? There’s a reason it came so natural to them without a tinge of embarrassment: They simply do it all the time!

Feeling insecure about some parts of your body? You gotta learnt to love your imperfections honey. I’m less gifted in my chest area, but I don’t let it hinder me and celebrate all the other parts of me that’s alluring. I learnt to love my curves because they are Unique. So are yours. Still can’t get past those insecurities? Then put in the work, Get Down and sweat it Out. The more you’re accepting of your body, the more you’ll be comfortable in flaunting your curves.


Glowing skin and a healthy body, YES. Looking tired and haggard, NO. Your skin is your sexiest and biggest asset. Stick with that beauty regime, don that fair amount of water, put in your mouth what is good. Set Priorities. Treat yourself like a Goddess that you deserve to be.


    Some women have an addiction with shoes, some with hats, others with accessories. When it comes to me? I would have to say it’s Lingerie. My heart springs with nothing but pure alluring excitement each time I bought myself a new set of lingerie. Holding those delicate fabrics in my fingers, I dwell with joy on the fact that we, as women get to play up our sexuality for our man with No Restrictions. With the abundance of designs out there, the sky’s really your limit. The world might be unaware of what you’re hiding underneath, but all that really matters is you yourself. It’s your own little secret sugar.

  • BE KIND!

Nope, We Don’t Encourage Mean Girls Here. Don’t be that woman who’s only Gorgeous on the outside but stale like raw fish on the inside.

Last but not least! Remember To Be Compassionate & Kind. Make an effort. Have a heart that’s made out of Gold. I know sometimes it can be hard in this Nasty, nasty world, when the only action deemed possible is to be Hard and Cold –beat that odd. I’m learning too, because I wanna try my best to be that one thing that’s Positive in this world. When you’re beautiful on the inside, it shines right out to the outside, through that glow in your face. This is So True. So let’s be a Sweetheart, like a kitten. And a sensual one.


Not that hard ain’t it?

I need to emphasize that I don’t intend for any of you to change the way that you are. Instead it’s more like harnessing that inner sexuality that’s inside of you all along, for times it might be asleep for far too long and a woman gotta do what she ought to do: to caress it awake from time to time, she oughta be reminded of how really attractive she is.

Got me thinking: Maybe some of you don’t deemed yourself as a pretty young thing anymore but a Fierce Mature Grown- Ass Woman that you are and so “Sex Kitten” might be a word that’s kind of juvenile for you; Well Then, May we all strive to be that “Cat Woman” that we’re born to be few years ahead down the road. *cling* 

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs



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