Treat Him Right

Men need to be shown Love & Respect. Men, Need Affirmation.

Honeys, under that hard shell and egoistic brute that your man is, he’s silently crying out for your affection; and you, as his woman, should be that one pretty little thing that he can let down his guard completely with and be who he really is. He may be the Superman in your life other than your dad, but the truth is? He Is Vulnerable Too. more than you know.

I watched sometimes how my mum got irritated over the little things at my dad that he didn’t even know what’s going on. I watched how some wives/girlfriends don’t even appreciate much of their partners’ opinions anymore, or even mocked them in public. And be the good husband/boyfriend that they are, they remain silent. Love still exists, it’s just that people got too Comfortable; and then went on questioning why the change in their partners’ attitude, why did he started looking at other women. Life can get overwhelmed, we got too caught up in it, we neglected our partner’s feelings, it’s normal. Which is why today I’d like to serve a few little reminders.

After all, this is the MAN who could be spending the rest of your life with you, your best friend, your soul mate, the father of your own flesh.

People says: He’s not your husband yet, there’s no need to invest too much of your effort in him.


If you Love him, you will want to treat him right. Love him in any and everywhere that you can. It won’t even feel like an effort, because you just simply want to. So, if you think your man is the man worth investing your heart in, regardless if you’re in a relationship, engaged or married, Let’s Go.


“I’m a Lady. He should be the one treating me as His Queen if he really loves me.”

Relationships and Marriages are a compromising wagon. Sometimes your partner needs you to go that extra mile too, he’s only Human. If you asserting a little more of your energy and time just so the both of you could bond even closer, Why.The.Hell.Not.? I would do it for my man without a second thought. If you’re somehow worry that by you making the sacrifices, he would take you for granted eventually? Then honey, you have got yourself the Wrong Man.


You had a choice, of being in a relationship with him. You knew how he is when you were just dating. But you still went in. You went there for a reason; and I hope it’s Love. So honey, the next time you started getting frustrated over why his mind doesn’t play the same as yours, remind yourself why you signed on to this package in the first place.

Let him express himself freely. Kiss him on the cheek all the same even when he sometimes behaves like a kid. Accept him as that extraordinary creature that he was born as and work it with your own rhythm. Accept him exactly as you wish he would about you too.


Kiss and Hug him unexpectedly, constantly; when you see him, when you part with him, when he’s feeling rather down. Kiss and hug him in public when he said or do something nice. Compliment him when he’s looking extra Fine or simply when he’s thoughtful of your needs. Give him a massage after a rough day, make him tea when he’s feeling uneasy. The little things that speak Volumes. That tells him you’re proud to have him.

The key word here is simply being Loving. Men need affection and appreciation from time to time, More So from the woman that he loves (you).


When you love someone, you love Everything about them too. I don’t care what I think of that certain video/PC game, nor that sport channel, nor that certain TV program; if he loves it, then there’s a reason for me to love it as well. Because they ignite his soul, and that’s all that matters. Because I love him.

So be present and sit with him, even join him if you can; let him get carried away letting you into His World. It meant a lot more to them than you know.

  • SPACE.

Give him his. And you yours. Regardless in a relationship or marriage. If you’re in a relationship, even more so. He doesn’t owe you anything, including his time. Do your own thing, have your own life.

When you’re Together, Really, and I meant Really Appreciate and Cherish those hours with him. Treasure every single second of it, even if you’re just laying together doing nothing. Treasure Him.


Take note in the fact that it’s His Desire To Even Want To Strive That Matters, not just results. 

Now, this is something truly Critical & Sensitive to every man. This struggles phase they Have To go through. Their Career and Achievements. What they do with their life. Their Ego-Booster. That definitive .Mark. that Transcends them from Boys to Men. Their Breakthrough.

This is where you comes in. Everyone is Different. Know Your Man. At one time, don’t expect more than he can do. Never be sarcastic or belittle his capabilities. The Last Thing you want is to make him feel like a failure, at himself or towards making you happy. Let him move at his own pace and give your Trust in him 100%. Let him shine in his own ways. If you can’t help him with his goals, sometimes just being his support pillow and encouragement booster is all he ever needed- his lady being there for him, Believing In Him.

Text him something positive(& loving) when he’s at work, whip up something healthy for his soul, or just simply holds his hand, reassuring him that both of you’re a Team against the world. Has his Back woman.


This is actually something I found astoundingly Sweet. Simply because most of the time, it never really crosses our mind to do it for our partners(or maybe that’s just me).

I can’t quite comprehend why it touches me a little, but it’s something in the way when the both of you bow down before The Lord and pray together for each other, for your relationship- It’s Romantic. Both of you are HIS precious child and HE was the One who bought the both of you Together. I guess it’s only sensible(& sweet) that we go back to HIM when things got a little rough in our relationships/marriages.

When you love someone, you would want The Very Best for them. We may try to be the Superwoman that we can be for our man but the fact is, no one can truly Provide for him other than GOD. Having this encrypt into our minds is The Best Thing we can do to show our man Love.


Men don’t talk as much as we women do. So when they do want to talk, you know it means something to them. Set aside your chores just for a bit and sit down with your man. Don’t let your mind wanders to other places, be a good, no, be an AWESOME listener to your partner.

Sometimes men don’t need a full load of advice from women, all they need is just for her to stand on his side of view and understands.


From time to time.

Because sometimes Men can get early Dementia and forget. Jokes aside, trust me, just taking those few seconds alone and tell him those 3 little words makes a Difference. It works Wonders. Never let the Romance in your relationship Dies. Most Importantly, reassure him every time how much he means to you, even after all the rough times.


Be Sweet instead. 

Even when you’re in an argument, fight in a loving way. Make that effort. Whenever you confront him, realize that he has feelings too. Know that Words Do Cut. Harmless as they might seem, it may hurt a part of your man significantly and your relationship in the long run. I know it’s hard, but Try to not let your hurt and anger take their toll over your relationship.

Don’t Ever Give Him The Silent Treatment. That, is your Ego lurking its ugly head. And Ego Kills. Instead let him know what’s the cause that’s making you unhappy, what is it that you don’t like. How can the both of you work this out to be better with each other? If he cares enough too, things will end well. Or even better, In Bed(strictly for married couples only).


Let’s face it: SEX is like Holy Grail to Men. And if you show your love towards him in bed, he’d Die a Happy Man. What are his Preferences? Do it often, do it for him. Treat his body like a Sacred Garden. Be His Sex Goddess. Let him know that You Want Him too.


Get this: No One has the right to Talk Bad about your man; at least, not in your presence.

You would want for him to do the same for you won’t you? Even if others are right about your man being wrong, doesn’t mean you can join in the fun. Your man Needs you to stand by him at all times. A Team, remember? If you love someone, you Don’t talk bad about them. Ever. The Bible said in Corinthians: Love Protects.


This, is something I would very much love to Highlight. People will always have their own judgement and assumptions. Of course they are entitled to that. The concern comes when they started telling you otherwise about your man. Probably because they think they are more experienced, they have been through shit like this more than you do. BUT, Based On What Solid Account? Because a lot of times, they are just seeing things based on their Worldly Perspectives. “Oh he acted this way? Then he must be so and so and so.”

He’s Your Man honey. You were the one he shared a relationship with, not those people. You should understand from where he’s coming from. You should be knowing his heart by now. His Feelings Matter. If you still don’t, I’m sorry to say but maybe you haven’t been paying enough attention to your guy. As I had emphasized earlier on, every one is different, so is Every Relationship. Think of all the things he did for you in the past. He might not have express his feelings verbally to you, but if he did things that’s endearing to show that he cares, then, why should you take others’ words to heart? Action Counts honey.  Those little actions and body languages meant Something. If a good man did something now that’s upsetting you, he would have explained already to you beforehand. It doesn’t matter if society thinks you’re delusional, you see things which they can’t Because you had been in His World, they didn’t. Look inside his heart babe. He might be tough on the outside, but he could be breaking inside too.

Of course, Be a smart woman and open your eyes too. Your instinct Don’t Lie. If he’s a Jerk, you would probably have known before words from others flew. Leave.


Because Life Is Too Short. If you found someone you love who love you twice as back, you’re one woman whom’s twice as Lucky compare to the rest. Don’t assume that he’ll be here forever though. Treat Him Right, Always.


Because Life Is Too Short. If you’re still in a relationship and he Popped the Big Question. If the both of you had known each other long enough to be married, if every ounce of your heart and soul tells you that He’s The One, where you are certain deep inside your heart that you probably won’t ever find another like him that fits to your puzzle.

Then say Yes babe. Make him One Of The Happiest Man In The World by doing this one thing Right.

Regardless how much he can give you, regardless if he can give you a massive wedding ceremony or that gigantic diamond ring your friend had. Because at the end of the day, Love Is All That Matters. Both of you having each other is all that matters. Might sound cliché but it’s true. If he’s the Right Man for you, he Won’t Ever let you Suffer down the road, simply because he’s a good man. He would know making you happy was what he was Destined to do.


I probably know what you might be thinking inside. So here’s my solutionThose in a relationship, yes, love him in all these ways Only If He’s Worthy of your love. The Right Man wouldn’t leave you for another but loves you even more in the best way that he can; because he knows: a good thing like this is hard to come by and he be the biggest fool if he even let you slipped away.

This, isn’t something you do Just So He wouldn’t Cheat. This, is not giving yourself completely till you Lose Yourself, might sound romantic but No, that isn’t a healthy relationship. This is Different. This, is you showing him that choosing you as his life partner was The Best Decision He Ever Made.

God Bless all you lovebirds.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs



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