Bridal Boudoir- Session 1


I’ve always Love the idea of this. Almost a fantasy of mine you could say. My fantasy playground. From the way that I was bought up? This is in my culture something so ridiculously outrageous yet so Deliciously Divine that it feels like a crime to not even go for it.

So what is a Bridal Boudoir? Just in case for those of you who had never grasp the idea yet: It’s a private request of a bride who seeks to capture seductive photos of herself don in little to nothing with gorgeous hairdos & makeup, regardless in her bedroom/a studio/a hotel, by a professional photographer. It is Private Because Those Images Are Meant Only For Her Fiance/Husband’s Eyes. It is a Sensual Wedding Gift specially for her Husband: a reminder of how lucky of a chap he is. A precious memory keepsake for the bride herself somewhere down the road, a reminder of her Golden Years. It could be her collection of photos kept in an album or printed on a canvas having it framed.

It is something that has been going on for a while now, gaining popularity. Not so much for the Asian Brides I would say. Or rather, not so much as Fully embracing it as much as the Caucasians. We will always be the more reserved brides. Of course, everybody has her limits comes to exposing her body. So It’s Okay to cater to your element. Though from how I see it, other than the photographer(and maybe assistant) and person who printed out the photos, Your Husband would be the Only One gawking at your pictures; so no harm being a little more Daring, tip your feet out of that comfort zone. Hell, I would want my husband to CRAVE for me so bad just by staring at my pictures. BUT unless you permit, There’s No Necessity For Going Completely Nude.

Boudoir Photography is not a Porn Ad. It is a Classy piece of art form showcasing your Seductive Side. An array that sparks a sense of Mystery, Wonder and Imagination.

Case in point: You Don’t Have to Act All Prim & Sexy If That Isn’t Your Style; because by being playful/sweet/completely yourself instead is just as Sexy As Hell. Everyone has their own ideas and themes(some don’t even like being clad in lingerie)comes to boudoir shoots; but for mine, I’m just going for the bride who is Sensual & Romantic– The Classic Bride. Focusing Only on The Items Relating To A Wedding that you could play with in your shoots. Focusing on just White, Pastel Beige & Black. You could say that it’s typical, but it’s a Bridal Boudoir nonetheless, and if you keep it simple & traditional, it will forever remain Timeless.


Remember that scene in DeadPool when Ryan Reynolds just stared at the back view of his on-screen girlfriend standing at the bar with her garters showing? Making every man not just him went: DAMN. 

The Effect and Allure of them- Never Gets Old. It felt like a maze the first time I tried to attach my garters’ strap to my stockings. But when I finally figured it out and got those chicas hanging on me? I felt like a whole new person staring at myself in the mirror. It’s like elevating myself one step closer to being that woman that I had always dream to be.

So Make Full Use of the Twins and Seduce Away. Best to pair it with a dainty white corset.

Tip: If you’re wearing them on your Big Day, try wearing the same one in your boudoir shoots as well. Let your husband always be reminded of those babies he saw that night when he undressed you out of your wedding dress. 


The Robe. Something so Conservatively Sexy. A cover-up of something that Satisfies your man’s Taste BudsBe playful with however you want this to be. Leave it open completely or halfway/with or without your lingerie underneath/see through or non/front view or back facing the camera. It all depends on your audacity.



The Holy Grail. The Complete Final Touch For Every Bride. The One final touch that makes her start shedding tears of joy in front of the mirror. The One Thing that tells the world she is the Main Character, The Heroin of the story. Where the magic happens, where it is all finally Coming True: She’s Becoming Someone’s Mrs.

NOTHING Screams more Bridal than incorporating this baby into your shoots. Gaaa My Most Favorite. LOVE.


image1While it’s seductive enough to wear just your lingerie underneath that long flowing sheer, I would suggest Going Nude instead. Just go for it. Not only does it make your photos So Much More Artsy(even better in Black & White) & Timeless, it’s telling a story. A story that narrates On This Day on wards, you have made that vow to strip down all that’s left of you and surrender yourself completely to your Husband, joining him as One. Telling him that, all of These, is His & Only His, forever now & always. And what better way other than symbolizing that vulnerability with a veil on top of your naked skin? It’s a Romantic silent proclaim of Love towards your husband. So baby, be daring on this one. Oh Christ, Be Daring For Love.(!)


And oh honey? Keep that Veil for Life. It be Worth it.


It’s Sexy because it’s Easily Accessible for your man. Pair it with(add garters too why not) or without stockings baby.


Baby Doll.jpg

If The Slip Dress is more of a Grown Up Mature version of you, then The Baby Doll brings out the baby pudding in you. Why not have the best of both worlds at one time? Two women in one body- toast to that.



You’re already dressed up as a Glamorous Pin-Up Bombshell, a Sex Kitten, so let’s take a notch further to fullfill that Fantasy of his shall we? Make him fall under your mercy Woman.

Tip: On poses where you’re not wearing your heels, try to keep in mind of tip-toeing or arching those ankles up with the balls of your feet. It makes you looked instantly more dainty and elegant with that slight adjustment.


Awww. My Second Fav.


Use it as a feminine tool to mask your precious parts. Or do it like the example above as one of your accessories. Adding the bouquet together with your veil just bring that vibe altogether- A Sassy Naughty Little Bride. So Bloom Away my pretty angels.


Fifty Shades anyone? It’s all about having a little fun adding some mystery elements to your collection. Like a Masquerade Party.

Tip: Use a laced fold where it’s more accustom to the Bridal Theme. You can use either your veil or your panties or even your pearl necklace as a substitute for an actual blindfold. Be Creative(& Sexy).





Instead of keep donning white, ever consider opting for black lingerie/accessories for a change? After all, Black Wedding Dresses are all the rage right now. Be that bride with an edge.

Tip: Have a mix of white & black in your album. Majority of which depends on you. Try not to add on any more color themes(ex: red), Simple Is Classy- Black & White Is Classy.


Yes, You honey. Your Gorgeous Features. Have some closed up portrait shots of your face in between takes. Like the pictures of Anastasia taken by her friend, Jose that hung in his art exhibition in Fifty Shades Darker. You be seeing yourself in a different light:)


With these in mind, it’s Best to keep any necklaces, chains & hair accessories to a Minimum, because they tend to Clutter. So unnecessary. Let your bare skin & lingerie do all the talking instead.

Be Raw.

Even if this isn’t the exact direction that you’re heading for, I still hope I did you a little justice with this little compilation of mine:) Go on and add your own twist.

What I’ve shared here are just half of the equation of making your photos stand out among the rest. Try to engage a trustworthy and skilled photographer within your budget since he/she will be The One adding the Cherry On Top: The right angles, the right lighting, the right poses, the right emotions, the chemistry on set, the level of comfort you need in order to fully expressed yourself. What’s Better? Try to engage a photographer who professionalize in Boudoir Shoots. Do your research. Alas I’m not a photographer, if not I wouldn’t have mind to share some tricks that’s not already on the internet.


What I can advise is, during the shoot try not to overthink too much of what would the people on set think of you. Try to shun them out, shun away your surroundings. They are there to do their Job, That’s It. In any case, they probably have done and seen this already a hundred times before. Instead, Imagine your Fiance is there with you. Imagine it’s a private intimate session between the both of you. Imagine he’s there, you’re safe with him. Treat that camera lens as the face of the man you Love. Stare into it like you would to your man.

Think of what your man would like and head in that direction, while staying true to yourself. He loves your cute little butt cheek? your dimples? your slender legs? each time you glance over your shoulders and smile at him? Then showcase That Part Of You. You know the drill. I know it can be easier said than done especially if you’re more on the conservative side but sometimes it really is just all in your head. Shake It Off. You will be letting loose in no time. Don’t forget to have fun!;)

So What To Do With The Photos?

Most brides would capture the shots about a month away from their Wedding Day. You can choose to hand your fiance a few shots during the weeks leading to the Big Day, Or have one of your bridesmaids send over a picture or two over to your groom on the Big Day before the ceremony itself, when the both of you are separated in your rooms getting ready. Like a naughty little preview. Let him know that he can only see the Full Collection after the Big Day when you guys are finally alone together. You be guaranteed your man will be all flustered and restless for the rest of the day, eagerly waiting for the time when he can finally pronounce officially that You’re His.

After all, teasing your man sexually from time to time is a Privilege.

And Honey, Don’t Ever Think That You’Re Not Skinny Or Gorgeous Enough To Take These Shots; because if you’re Confident enough to Strip in front of a lens- POW! you’re One Hot Sexy Mama altogether. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, just stomp on their feet(just kidding). And if you’re already married, heck it’s still not too late to do this:)

Here I would like to present a few more black & white shots for your reference. So Artsy I can’t get Enough! Chic Alert.


So to all the Brides-To-Be out there, What Are You Waiting For?

Till Then!

xOxO, ALs


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