Bridal Boudoir- Session 2

Hello My Sex Kittens.

See, while I had finished typing up my previous article, it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t elaborate as to Why even bother going that distance of doing a boudoir shoot when it could be consider as Unnecessary.

Why spend that extra money or assert extra effort when planning your wedding is already taking a toll right? And the most Significant Concern- the thought of Stripping Down Infront Of A Stranger(s); that could right send some of you running for the hills.

But Fear Is Good. Hate as I might to agree- To Be Extraordinary In Life You Can’t Run Away From Fear. I’m not here to lecture because I for one too am struggling to overcome this hurdle Everyday. Because life’s already hard as it is, why go any further to produce extra “risk”?

Then again, WHY BE MEDIOCRE?

I’m pretty sure many of you had done something in your life that you’d tell yourself you wouldn’t do in a million years. But right after when it’s done, you didn’t even expect how GOOD it felt don’t it? Even laugh at yourself for staying in that comfort zone for far too long?

Till now, I still don’t know how to swim. Zero. But 2 years ago, I just decided to go on this giant slide from wayyy up above down to a pool of water about 5 meters deep. Reason not because I wanted to overcome my fear, but because I Underestimated It! I thought my body height could withstand the water level. Atlas, it was a minute(or maybe just seconds) of nightmare, because when I hit the water, I didn’t come up straight after. Instead I was gasping for air below the surface. Flailing around, trying to grab hold of people nearby, but nobody helped. Nobody understood what was happening(or did they?)- I was Drowning. But then somehow I managed to pull myself out of the water. must be my guardian angel.- story of my life.

That short ordeal made my soul Jerk Alive. For the Longest time, I’ve never felt that Alive before right at that moment. I was Fully Aware of Life. Fully Appreciated of Life. Dripping wet, I was Exhilarated. Suddenly I felt, I Could Do(Just About)Anything. After all, I was already at the brim of death. And I couldn’t be more thankful for the fact that I didn’t weigh the outcome enough beforehand because if I did, I wouldn’t have gone through that ordeal. I would have chicken out and took the easy way. I wouldn’t have seen through to The Other Side Of Fear. The rainbow after the storm.

Now, now, doing a Boudoir Shoot of course isn’t like what I had gone through, or skydiving, or bungee jumping:) But the key is: suddenly stripping down doesn’t sound too bad after all does it? So Do This- every time you felt nervous/afraid of doing something, think back to the times when(if) you had a near death experience, or the Most Daredevil Stunt you ever did. Might sound nasty, but hey, it works!

I believe, everyone of us need to have a Jolt Of Life every now & then, to be reminded what Life really is all about- To Live. Really Live. Not necessary always on the big things but also just on the little things.

SO. Why Else Should You Do A Boudoir Shoot?


Because a lot of times, you’ll never know For Sure if you Like something till you Try It. You might feel uncomfortable at the beginning of the shoot but who knows some point into the process, you might actually enjoy being sexy and intimate infront of the camera! Life just always has this way of surprising us in more ways than one. More so when you look through the pictures and realized how Amazing you looked! From what I’ve heard, most women came out after a boudoir session feeling like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. No regrets. After all, it’s your one time looking like a Professional Angel. And which woman doesn’t want to feel Empowered & Sexy

Plus, do you really want to look through your friend’s/someone else’s boudoir album somewhere down the road and went: “Dang! Why didn’t I do that when I was younger?” Don’t do that to yourself honey.


You can fake confidence all you want, but True Confidence, confidence that shines naturally from within doesn’t come easy. You gotta go through hell sometimes. I said “Hell” because for some people, stepping out of their comfort zone does brings to that term.

And that fabulous feeling won’t just stay at one time, it’s gonna be bound in you and translates to Every Other matters in your life: work, family, friends, hurdles. The more daring you are as you go through life, the more it grows. Can you see it? It goes Bigger than this. Didn’t they say Confidence is Sexy? No matter how you look on the outside? It’s that feeling where you won’t even feel the need to prove to the world because you Knew Better inside as to Who You Are as a Woman.

So unleash that True Confidence, sexy mama.


Because you’re a woman, created to satisfy the Male Species.

Maybe some of you disagree; but I strongly believe this is something Important that we need to possess, it’s a part of our nature. Of course, you don’t have to be a sex kitten every single day, but it does Wonders to reveal that side of you to the world from time to time. Treat it as if it’s a time of celebration for women. Also, Sex is part of a major factor that holds a marriage together, because well, Men just simply Can’t live without it. He might deny it but He NEEDS you. 

Boudoir can help you with that. Not only will the results surprise your man but also even YOU yourself, maybe even more than your man. And when you feel sexy, beautiful and confident like you never felt about yourself before, that’s gonna up notch the bedroom temperature, making your husband a very, Very Happy Man. Don’t Ever, feel shy to get in touch with your sexuality.


Because, OH WHY NOT?- Life Is Short AF.


Among other brides. Stat. Period.

And that makes you worth Something. Having that courage, walking that isolated path ain’t easy, and that’s why it’s being applauded for. Come on, why do the things everyone else is doing already? Live a life that’s Worth looking back 50 years from now.


You knew this was coming didn’t you? Because that’s a Crucial Factor we are doing this. Your man’s Fantasy being bought to Life! Amen.

Oh boy, the things we woman do for the man that we love.

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me feel more Sexier and wanted than my man Wanting me. Makes the sex afterwards So Much Better don’t you think? Even better if you’re the type of woman who he thinks modelling for a boudoir shoot would be the Last Thing you would do.

I’m gonna repeat again: Men, are Visual Creatures. So Knock His Socks OFF honey. He will NEVER see you the same way again. Priceless.

-Lastly, babes, I just need to emphasize this again-


As I think back to my ordeal, if I had been more relaxed and just let the water carried me, I would have came out on the surface way sooner. Instead right that second when my face touches the water, I panicked, and fought. For What?

Because it was an alienated feeling, because it made me uncomfortable. I thought for the Worse straightaway. Because all I could ever thought of was: I’m gonna Drown I’m gonna Drown.! I let Fear CONSUMED me for far too much. And what gave birth in my mind Controls my body. As with Life- it could be as Simple or as Complicated as we made out of it. Your Mind is The Controlling Factor.

I suppose it’s only natural our brain springs to the negative automatically every time we are put under an alienated condition. With Boudoir, maybe you could be thinking:  Everyone will be judging your body/ This is too scandalous it feels wrong to do it/ I feel like I’m exploiting my modesty publicly.

Throw That All Away Honey.

That, is Fear being a BITCH right there and then. Trying to Stop you from all the Marvelous Things you could be experiencing in Life.

At the end of the day, it’s your freaking life. You don’t necessarily need to do Everything in this life that has to offer. Everyone has their limits. But as long as it isn’t Life Threatening, I see not much to lose, but instead even more to gain. The Other Side Of Fear honey. The journey ain’t pretty, but Hell is the destination SPECTACULAR. You come out A DIFFERENT PERSON. And that’s why Not Everyone can walk that path. Life ain’t fair ain’t it?

But the Awesome thing is? We will always have the Privilege to Choose😉 So what would it be honey?

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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