The One

The Lord built Eve out of Adam‘s rib. And with this dawn of the human species all the way to right where we are now, we Christians are to believe that every unmarried woman that walks on this earth, carries a rib bone spiritually of The Man Who She’s Gonna Marry someday. That, one day when she finally meets the man who was meant for her all along, he would have eventually acknowledge his missing rib bone in her, acknowledging the fact that this woman was the missing puzzle that fits right to his heart, and his, hers. The One, that they both had been searching for.

Isn’t our GOD a True Romantic?

That is why God says to husbands: Don’t complain of any short-comings in your wife, because some of those traits? CAME FROM YOU. She carried your rib bone in her throughout her Life,(!) what you possess gave birth to how she is in some ways- depicted by the lip of the pastor, not me; in case you’re wondering:)

I was utterly amazed when I first knew about this. Wow.

Now, it almost amused me that I’m carrying some man’s rib bone with me right this second; that this man, who was meant for me, is NEVER gonna get it back till he found me(or has he?). And I wonder: Does that hurt for him? Having his rib bone missing?  Poor soul, losing his way out there.

So for those still unattached, you and me: How Do We Know When He Comes Along? GOD’s not going to hit the bell now in your ears screaming: HE’S THE ONE! is HE? So have you ever wonder: How Do I Know?? Hashtag: million dollar question.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who is the First thing and the Last in your pretty little mind Every Single Day. No matter how occupied your days are. No matter if you have moved to a new city, with a new life and new friends. How does the term “out of sight out of mind” even apply to your situation? It Just Doesn’t. He’ll always be The one who you Misses. The one, who will always be at the back of your mind. Regardless if you’re just friends or together as a couple.

Maybe, He’s the one who, when his name got mentioned or came across? Makes your heart do that somersault little dance, your senses came alive a little, wash with longing and sometimes a little wave of sadness, wondering: how will the future holds for the both of you.? A name, that holds no meaning for the rest of them but means The Whole World towards you.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who if so happened slashed your heart so deep in one swipe, you can’t bring yourself to hate him. You just can’t. You get mad but you love him all the same. Because, you knew his intentions and his heart, when nobody else could understand any of it. Because, even if you guys are on unhappy terms, you knew him Enough to know where’s he coming from.

Maybe, He’s the one who you immediately thought of sharing with the good and the bad. The first person that popped into your mind.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who, after him, you have Zero Intention of looking for a new love again. When he goes, your heart goes just as well. Because, what you had together was Real, Solid & True. And so you’re back on the dating field, but you knew you will NEVER find another like him. Who makes you feel the same way like he did. Because simply There Is No Second Him.

In the past, you keep searching for the next each time an old flame fizzled out, because it never really meant anything. You knew you would find someone better, that last dude wasn’t even worth it. Yes you will cry, but you knew it will pass. But honey, after this man, You’ll never look at Men the same way again. No matter how Hot he is, or even if he’s Exactly your type.

Maybe, He’s the one who, when you first laid your eyes on, took your breath away. Is that what they made out to be: Love At First Sight? Till now, I’m still not quite convinced of this stigma to be honest. That Instant hit of attraction, not the kind of shallow attraction but the kind that makes you wonder: Who Is This Magical Creature? What is he made out of? What is his story? And you ache to wanna have a taste out of that.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who, every time you see him, your heart Stop. The world stops. He makes you forget about your surroundings for a few counts. Makes you think: What other guys? He makes you made a blunder out of yourself. You almost couldn’t believe he’s making you his girlfriend.

Maybe, He’s the one who is the First that makes you want to Take Care of him. Because he’s Worth every bit of your love, time and effort.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who makes you feel that, everything is alright again just because he’s there. He’s here now. Your heartbeat slows down a little, you can breathe a little. He’s the one who can soothes your soul.

Maybe, He’s the first one who made you realize, how you were supposed to be treated as a woman all along. The one who makes you realize all those men in your past were just jerks, it wasn’t your fault in the first place. You just didn’t meet The Right Man. And now you have.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who, no matter how long/ far apart you guys had been, you would never forget about. He’ll always be the first your heart goes running to if given the chance to choose again. Your heart longs for him because somewhere crazy inside you tells you that, he’s your missing piece; and it Hurts to have that piece of you taken away.

Maybe, He’s the one who despite All the dates you had been through together or with other men; that First Date with him will forever hold a remarkable memory in you. The day where it all officially started, the first time you got the closest to him, the first time your words form into sentences into long conversations, the first time you felt his hand in yours that got you giddy up like a famished little teenage girl, the first time you look deep into those eyes, your first movie with his arms wrapped around you you could felt his breath on your neck, the first time when he kissed you.

  • Maybe, He’s the one who’s Your Least Expectation.

And Maybe, He’s the one who you Dare imagine a future with together.

All these. Are they legit enough to convince he’s The One? No hun, I’m afraid these might not be enough. 

What I do know is, honey, if you felt all of these listed above, then my love, He’s only Probably The Man who holds a Significance Meaning in your life.

People say, sometimes you just ended up not marrying the person whom you Love The Most, but instead the person who GOD think is Perfect/Right for you.

Yes, I agree Too Much Love for someone isn’t exactly a good thing. Because you will Lose Yourself in the process, and that is a Dangerous thing. But if you were to marry, don’t marry someone where you felt average, just because he’s good for you, he’s good towards you and he can provide you a good future easily. To me instead, Marry Someone who, makes every ounce of your heart Leaps, who makes your heart bleed with love for him, who makes you want to tear his clothes off right there and then and Make Love to him, all these while maintaining another level of love for yourself. Because if you marry someone else other than this, how good/long can your marriage sustain? How good is an Average Love?

That, to me, is what Marriage is all about, and how it should be. And if I can’t find a man that fits all that, I would rather stay Single. As scary as it sounds. At least I did my heart justice. Nonetheless I have faith in The Lord in giving me what I need. Because, HE knows me More Than Anyone in the Universe.

And so, ladies, I have One thing and One thing only to share, about being nothing more than Certain that He Is The One.

He Is The One When He Makes You Feel Like HOME Is Where He Belongs.

Because that day will come, when he’s just standing there looking at you, right in that moment, you knew. You were Home. This is the man that I’m going to give the rest of my life to.

When you knew he will be there to catch your fall without a doubt. He’ll be The One who you’ll always come running back to after all those times you were out in the World. Your Home. Your comfort childhood bolster.

When he’s turns in bed at night and pulls you towards him. Right in that moment you felt nothing but warmth, felt the way his arms hold you in all the right places, how all the curves of your body fits So Right in the nook of his cradle, felt all the Love compel through his body in that body language, and you knew it. You knew that there’s no where else in this world you would rather be, no other man’s arms would ever compare to this. And you can’t help but letting out a contented sigh before drifted back off to sleep.

Before I go, here’s something beautiful I would like to share with ya’ll. Because when it comes to The One, even if life cuts you apart, it’s Never The End but a temporary phase that life Sets for the both of you just so you realize how much you need to fall back together, how much you Meant for each other, because one day, you will come to realize he’s the one thing you can’t live without.

Sweet Dreams Angels.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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