Her Top 5 Intimate Locations For Sex

Gone are the days where Sexin’ is just for the bedroom.

People Are Getting Bat-Shit Crazy. This I can say;) People want Creativity, Excitement, Thrills, Spice; ANYTHING to LIVE again. Anything to pull them out of the daily hum-dum of mediocracy. We as Millennials are breaking the norm however F*** the way we want to, defying all the rules that are set before our generation; because we can. Because, Why Not? We might be making our parents/grandparents cringe and Worry Sick, but that doesn’t stops us from following the Rage of our hearts.

The same applies for SEX.

Parks, Car parks, Beaches, Bathrooms, Kitchen Counter, Pool Table, Balconies, Fun fairs, Schools, Offices, Theaters; if you can name it, people have done it. Everyone does it for the Same Reason- It’s the thrill of getting caught that makes the SEX 10 times HOTTER. –Being a Rebellion is SEXY AF- I would Bet on a high stake that there’re stats somewhere that would say: People reach Orgasm Faster in these situations compare to being just in the privacy of a bedroom.

And you wanna know something? I wouldn’t stop myself by saying that: doing this with your partner actually Strengthens your Relationship(yes, even Married Couples; Heck, MORE SO for MARRIED COUPLES). Being out and daring like this, you needed to be able to Trust Each Other, Protect Each Other and just give in. Plus let’s face it- Nobody likes being stuck in a Routine. no matter how boring you are. We women(not all) are more guarded in this area compared to men, but if, we were to let loose just that much, Trust Me ladies, your man will Worship you on a whole other level. A Woman Who Has Balls Is A Woman Worth Keeping. Ask yourself, When Was The Last Time You Let Loose Completely?

But Alas, being the HOPELESS ROMANTIC that I am, of course I will have my own preferences. Running the risk of being seen can be exhilarating, but my heart doesn’t really run for that kind of stimulation. It’s the thought that someone/something might be Watching in the dark, intruding Our Moment- Not Sexy.

SEX, IS SACRED. Like Marriage, what happens behind close doors STAYs behind close doors. If I’m doing it, I want NO DISTRACTION but on the Love Of My Life. Intimacy for me, still requires that fair amount of Privacy, with a bit of flava;) I can’t promise I won’t “betray” myself from time to time(because hey, who knows what my heart’s capable of, I’m just human), but if given the chance to choose, I will Always go back to these 5 babies.



Remember that ending scene in Transformers where Megan Fox was just laying there being sexy as hell on top of Shia Labeouf? Of course you do.

Look At Them. I don’t know about you, but this scene is sending me whole Vibes of Nothing but SEXY INTIMACY. Imagine it’s Your Man laying there, Owning His Car and now, with his arms all around you, Owning YOU. YUM. I guess, somehow it’s true that the guy with the car gets the girl. Tsk. Provided that he’s not a Jerk Ass of course.

Getting naughty Inside the car is just too Mainstream right now(sorry), take it Up A Notch and climb up that car kitten. Alright, I know this breach my concern of being seen. But girl, some rules are meant for breaking. For this one, Try your best to get a place where there’s not a Single Soul around; of course, be careful not to get yourself rob too. Drive to a deserted hill top or a highway or whatever, let your creativity soar. 

Take His Car as the First Alternative. I trust that you are smart enough to know why. You will Never look at that car the same way again.



I remember the first time I got into a jacuzzi, somewhat with a guy. I had zero interest in him and it was Broad Daylight mind you, it’s just how the circumstances provided and I just ran along with it(yeah, and because my friend somewhat ditched me in the water with him).


Maybe it’s the fact that I had barely anything on underneath that towel that’s wrapped around me; Maybe it’s the warmth of the water sending my skin prickling with sensation, feeling all warm and fuzzy, not to mention the water pressure underneath kept floating my towel away from my thighs, hitting me in all the right spots; Maybe it’s the Male Presence that was existing there beside me. I felt vulnerable and Exposed. I made sure the whole time to keep a tolerable distance from him but still close enough to talk normally. -story of my life

All I knew for sure was- I was Definitely Feelin’ It.

Blame it on the heat! When it comes to the Magical Touch of a Jacuzzi honey? You need No foreplay to get it ON. All you need is just a touch from your man and you be sent over the Moooon. Yeah, Damn.


Remember that scene in Fifty Shades Darker when Christian took Anastasia to his childhood bedroom to f*** halfway through the masquerade ball? Of course you do.


It’s the sanctuary where your man basically spent his Entire Life till where he is now honey. All that has given birth to The Man That He Is Now is In That Room. His history, his dark secrets, his becoming, His Life. His Everything. Him.

To immersed yourself in All Of That, the good and the bad, soaking in everything that is, is just Hell As Sexy. Because it’s a side that he doesn’t necessarily show every single girl that he’s been with, because it’s a side that shows his vulnerability, because it’s basically telling his whole story to a girl that he’s Crazy about, enough to let her in, because it’s running the risk of letting her choose to stay or go, because it’s presenting himself bare naked(metaphorically)before her. Because, he love her Enough to contemplate the rest of his life with her.

The combination of him finding himself then and Now, finally landing the woman of his dreams right here where it all begins, is just, Romantic. It’s the place where you see your man in a different light while you made sweet love to him hun.

So the next time if you’re lying on his bed in his arms, surrounded with four walls of bits and pieces of him, think about this.



“Wanna get a room?” Hell, even just the sound of that makes my libido screams.

I believe, Hotels can just strive on SEX alone for horny couples to get Big Money rolling in. How can you Resist?- It’s an Escapee, a chance for the both of you to indulge yourself selfishly together, away from the World, while being pampered. The ambiance, the lightings, the clean linen sheets, the nice deco, the environment, the gorgeous scenery looking out. You can be anyone you want for your man. It’s a Fantasy. I’d stare right down crazy at you if you still don’t feel like touching your partner amid all that.

Hell I did be Perfectly Fine staying in the room ALL DAY doing nothing but SEX with my man. Tip: If your room happens to be on a much higher ground where no one can look in, just leave the curtains Open. Let your romance bath within the dark ocean sky of city lights.

-How can you resist?-


Not balconies, where you could risk being seen by your neighbors. GO ALL UP girl, right to the top of the world, secluded in your own private sector and Rock Wit Your Man. There’s a Reason why people Get Married on rooftops.

Go on, Make Love under the stars.


Whatever you do girl, let your heart lead the way. Just remember to Stay Safe.

Till Then:)

xOxO, ALs


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