Dressing Up For That Sexy Date.


Don’t we love them. Oh those wonderful little private escapades you set time out for just to see and touch that one person your heart flutters for. To grasp, who is this delightful creature, and if this person, is the one worthy of your love for the rest of your life.

To me, first dates are one of the most adorable things in the world. Wondering how far you should go, if you could touch this person one way or another, if the both of you would click, a day where things would either flounder into something beautiful or rather, just Crash and Burn. Throughout it all, that anxiety, confusion and excitement? well, is just adorable. So what about a couple more after that phase? When your heart actually flutters 10 times more than the first? When the both of you are more comfortable with each other?

Oh honey, I think you knew what’s bound to come- It’s Time To Get A Little Raunchier For Your Man.

See, as of now, I don’t really fancy the idea of being a sexual siren straight on the first date anymore. Because, well, admit it or not, you’re transmitting a signal, a signal that says: hey, I’m open to jumping into the sheets after this, all you gotta do is Ask. Why else are you showing so much skin to tickle his balls? I don’t believe in everlasting love from sleeping together on the first date anymore(sorry). If you really want me, then you got to earn it; and hey, just because I let you in the known that I’m attracted to you too, doesn’t mean I(and you ladies out there)am gonna pass it up that easily.

Setting things slow is Sexy. Holding and building up that sexual tension is hell yeah, hands down Sexy. The old-fashion way of grasping a man’s real intention with you right from the beginning. And if he stands the still of time? Well ladies, I think it’s fair enough to give him what he deserves doesn’t it.

I’ve included a few ideas in my previous blog, but let’s add a few more, only this time, a bit more different, a little more- Raunchy. Let’s spice up that date by a few mileage shall we?


BOOM. The LRD. The color that Personifies the foxy siren that you are. Take advantage of this God-sent hue from time to time and watch his pulses quicken. Works Every Time.


There are so many designs and fabrics out there, but I just had to stick with lace; because, heck, it’s a no brainer. This baby will forever stood on the top of that sensual hierarchy, unwavering, therefore Lace Rules, at least in my universe.

This is not the time to be shy about covering your bustier up with a blazer or cardigan, it be defeating the purpose of wearing it in the first place.

So go on and pair it with a high-waisted skirt or shorts or jeans, heck pair it with leather to pull off that edgy sensual vibe and embrace your sexuality right there on the streets.


Lace isn’t really your thing? There’s always the option of a leather bustier. Think Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, Shana Zadrick- Oh Yes, those were the classic nostalgic 90s’ GUESS girls. Young, Sexy and Adventurous.

This time, switch it the other way around by pairing with a lace bottom, or a good old skinny jeans. You can be a rocker chick and a bombshell all in one. No More Excuse of feeling too hot to wear leather in Asia or a summer day.

Candice Swanepoel


Margot Robbie in The Wolf Of Wall Street

I love her the first time in Suicide Squad and then I LOVE her even more in The Wolf Of Wall Street. For those of you who wants to know what it takes to be a Sex Kitten, then you Definitely have to watch her in this movie if you haven’t. She’s the Ultimate Epitome of one(oh my goodness).

Sexy, sassy, cheeky, witty, gorgeous, sensual; even I, as a lady was captivated by her. I was just stunned by the way she Holds NOTHING Back even on a big silver screen. She Lets It All Out, and with such Confidence. She will teach you how to give your man one of the Best Nights he ever had. God. I knew I love her for a reason.

What stays on my mind the most was the entire look she put on in the scene where she went on that first date with Dicaprio. When she let her skirt hitched way further up to show the lace details on her panty hose in his car. It might be a conservative dress at first glance but it speaks VOLUMES if you get up close and personal. It’s being mysterious and sassy at the same time, it’s sayin’: you might get it or you might not sugar- The Teasing Game.

So the next time you go out, don on a lace panty hose(like Margot’s) that comes up only to your mid thighs, and pull on a dress/skirt that’s short enough to show a subtle glimpse of that panty hose.

His hands will be all over you in no time.


I’ve always love that V neckline design that goes way down below your bust line. There’s something so empowered about that look. Sexy but not too slutty if you keep the rest covered. If you are born with those nice racks, forget about the bra(have you heard? It’s good for your breasts); take this opportunity to let your girls breatheeee. Au Natureal and Helloooo Hot Stuff!


I think we all know why they are So Darn Sexy. The fabrics are sexually breathable, not to mention so soft to the touch, it’s like a second skin to the body. They are mostly low cut, Not To Mention too, with those barely there straps just holding up your top? It’s So Easily Removable. Naked in no time(or at least half). Good news for the men I reckon? Both oh so comfy and effortlessly sexy for you too.

And honey? Wearing a bra is optional.


This time, he be able to get you naked from top to bottom in one go. Have Fun.


That’s right. Bare It All in a black sheer top, with a simple black bra underneath.

Careful not to fall into the skanky line, stick with the black palette to keep your look simple, classic and classy. Still feeling rather exposed? Throw on a black blazer or chic cover up and you’re good to go. It’s the perfect way to let your man see your assets underneath without having the privilege to touch your twins in public(just yet). Keep up that flirt game and stall your time for as long as you can before heading home.

Oh isn’t teasing your man fun?

There you go. Top 8 ideas for you to roam.

And hey, these works for those who are married as well. Reignite that flame and go back to where it all began.

Tousle up that hair a little, smudge that eye make up a little, slip on that lipstick, you know the drill. Make up your whole look like an old hollywood superstar, or just be that classic girl next door most men dig. The point is, take the effort to transform yourself a little bit and let him see a different side of you. Wear make up all the time? Tone it down and let your natural beauty shine this time; Plain Jane most of your days? PERFECT time to get all Doll Up. I promise you honey, this will do good for your relationship, for the both of you. As everything in life, a relationship needs that revival engine to keep it going, instead of falling stale.

Always, always learn to strike that minimalism. Simple is Classy. Classy is Sexy. At the same time, shun away that idea of- in order to look sexy, I have to with-go my dignity a little. It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way. It’s all in the way you carry yourself, if you respect yourself then Damn well you will be Well-Respected by society in return no matter if you show off a little more skin. Like I mentioned before, It’s Never Wrong for a woman to play around with her sexuality and it never should be.

I can understand some of you(especially Asians) are rather concern about showing skin, hey there are Alot of perverts lying around! I know that feeling very well: of being stared at in an uncanny way by each male strangers you passed by. God, how I hate that feeling, it makes me felt so violated each time. But I can’t let it stop me from wearing what I want can I? So what do I do? Yes, I wear it and bare it all out on a date with My Man. And I knew I be alright, even if I get all the stares. Simply because they Can’t Touch Me. You feel safe and your man gets to have his arms around the most gorgeous woman in his worldwin-win. After all, your man came into your world with a purpose attached, that is, being your personal body-guard isn’t he?

Just keep in mind when it’s comes to dressing sexy for him: A touch of mystery that fills his imagination is Necessary. 

Till Then;)

xOxO, ALs


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