7 Ways To Make Your Husband Craves For You Like Never Before Comes The Wedding Night

Let’s face it ladies.

Deep inside we all want to be the Ultimate Fantasy for our husbands(or boyfriend) don’t we? The sexual goddess in his fantasy. The kind of woman whom he sometimes dare to dream but doesn’t dare to claim. The kind of woman whom he never expected to be with. We wanted him to be soo in the Moment during Sex with us so that no other women(real or fiction) would appear in his mind.

It might not be possible to be the most Attractive woman in the world for his eyes, but It Is Possible to be the center of attraction in His Universe. You just got to know where and how to tug on your man’s heart strings, again and again.

And if he has decided to spend the rest of his life with you? You have won half the battle. But who’s to say you should stop right there? After all he’s the Only Man now to channel everything your Inner Sex Siren has got for.

The Wedding Night.

The night when all the wedding saga is finally Over and both of you are alone together again. It’s a night worth anticipating for not only because of the Sex(though it’s mostly the main reason)but also the fact that It’s The Night that you’re finally and officially His -Sexy. And there’s nothing Sexier than making him wanting to Strip you out of that wedding gown just that second even before the wedding dinner is over.

So make that night extra special sugar. Build that anticipation on High. You can keep saying it’s not the first time you made love to him anyway but honey, you know otherwise. This night is Different from most nights. This is the Night where you can be Anything but reserved. You want to be his Sex Goddess? Then do it in your Bridal Lingerie, in your corset, garter belts, stockings and all, heck, do it in your wedding gown, do it in all of your glory, in your new title in his life, towards your new beginnings as husband and wife, surrender yourself completely to him, moan out loud for his sake, because he’s All for your claim now.

But before that, all you need is a little planning on the Big Day itself. Though, nothing complicated.

  • Abstain From Sex.

At least, for A Month before the wedding. If you think that’s hard, hey think about the rest of them who save themselves all the way towards marriage, or those who’d been on a dry spell for months, or Years. If they can do it, what is a month right? And the Longer you abstain, the More Intense it will be when the time comes. I promise the both of you will hit orgasm like an exploding dynamite. Delayed gratification baby, delay gratification.

  • Get Naughty On The Hallway.


Right outside or nearby your hotel bedroom door. That is, if your wedding dinner ends at a much later hour. This is the time when everyone else is turning in. Make use of that quiet hallway. Without notice, pull your man towards you and start giving him deep passionate kisses on the lips right then and there. Touch him in all the ways that’s inappropriate to be seen in public. Take off his coat/suit jacket, loosen up that tie. Show him how much you’ve been waiting for this Moment sugar. Do anything but Having Sex.

Again, it’s playing with the adrenaline of getting Caught. Not only will your man be taken aback by your sudden audacity, but he’ll get so Turn On in time he be grabbing you back towards him, making you feeling so Wanted like never before. Yes, Fire up that mood before hitting the sheets. Be Flirty, be Naughty, Be Unexpected. Men dig that.

PS: Take alert of any hidden cameras in the hallway, pick an appropriate spot. Try to be alert of any presence coming even though you’re in the heat of a moment. Have Fun!

  • Flirt With Each Other Throughout The Whole Day In Public.

Weather from afar or up close. In the morning, send him that boudoir picture of you that you took before the wedding. Do Sexting if the both of you’re available to look at your phones, whispers dirty nothings into his ear in public, rub your body on his deliberately in a quiet way, when you’re slow dancing together, lean in close so that he can take in your scent, touch yourself in a subtle way when he’s looking at you, graze his arms or his legs under the dinner table, give him your most seductive glance from across the room, walk slowly in a seductive motion when you know he’s watching you.

Be creative whenever you can honey. The key is to keep sending him(and yourself) pulsing with Desire the whole day. I say, Let the teasing game begin.

Tip: Slide your bridal panty discreetly into his palms during the ceremony so he will know you aren’t wearing any. If he’s alert, he would slide it straight into his suit pocket!

  • Invest In A Sexy Wedding Gown.

If not for the day ceremony, at least for the wedding cocktail/dinner. Or go all out Bombshell throughout the day-Your Choice. And honey, if you’re willing, Don’t let him see your dress(es) At All beforehand. Make him wonder and then make an entrance that will make him Gawk. Make it hard for him to take his eyes off of you. Go back to point 3 and do all of those things. Let him yearn for his hands all over you with the disappointing notion that he Can’t reach under that dress to touch you, just yet.

  • Grab Each Other Whenever You Get The Chance To Be Alone.

And leave SEX alone! Don’t, even think of having a quickie.

Ease down those raging hormones by touching each other for a good few minutes. Let him have a little taste of what’s to come. After which kiss him on the lips again and walk away, going on about your day like nothing scandalous just happened.

You can do this baby.

  • Sing Or Perform A Sexy Number For Your Man During The Ceremony.

Only if you’re up to it honey.

Be confident and strike your most graceful seductive poise up on the stage. Know that: even if you made a blunder of yourself, just the fact that you went out there and did that for your man? Has already send his heart Pulsing for you. You’re the Bride and you deserves to be the center stage of attraction for the day. So Be A Star honey.

Turn him On with the recognition that even if all the men in the room might be captivated by your presence, at the end of the day, Your Man is the Only One whom you had chosen to give yourself to. So hun, make love to him with your eyes up on that stage. Make him feel like the Luckiest Guy ever(and he is).

  • Give A Warm Heartfelt Speech Caters Towards Your Man.

Don’t underestimate the power of words. Sometimes all a man really needs is just a word of love or appreciation from the woman he loves. That’s all it takes to set him in the mood, or a matter of fact, life in general as well.

And if you declare that love in words in front of everyone in the room? That’s you exposing your soul and being vulnerably emotional for all to witness. He’s going to make sure from here on then to love you with every beat of his heart, in every way that he can. Because he knows that you’re Happy with him. He will be rest assured with the fact that he’s doing something right as a man. Trust me honey? That’s a Boost for his male ego in a lot of ways. To be able to satisfy his woman.

And do you know what will you get from a man who gains confidence like that? Oh Yes, Sheet Curling Passionate SEX.


Of course every wedding timeline is different. If yours happened to end in the afternoon or early evening, you could still do all of the above prior to your wedding night. That is, unless you want to eat out of each other much earlier than that then who’s to judge.

Or maybe, all you could think of comes that night is to sleep right your pretty head off after months of hectic preparation up to the Big Day. Well honey, if you ever change your mind, this space will be always here for you. wink*

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs



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