My Codes Towards Happiness

No. I’m not going to fill this article about you being successful, achieving something, being in a great relationship nor living your life on a yacht To Be Happy. Blah, boring.

I’m someone who Feels. A little too much, for the good and the bad. Call me crazy, call me melodramatic; because yes, I’m those things. A blessing and a curse.

Emotions, are a junkyard of crazy troublemakers. I’ve learnt it the hard way. I believe, learning to control and recognize what goes on inside of you’s Far crucial than obtaining what you can get in life in order to be happy. Because if you can rein in the former? Well then, the latter will fall through.

Life is too short to be wasting another moment, letting that negative worm creeping in and eating out your insides just doesn’t makes sense. So chop chop.


Rejection. Such a Bitch ain’t it? Makes you doubt your worth, question your purpose.

But while you’re busy contemplating weather that opportunity that passed you by was what meant for you and somehow you have screwed it up, you’re also missing out on the Next Best Thing. Maybe you can’t see it, but trust me when I say you’re underestimating the potential of the universe.

I struggle too. I had let myself wallow in darkness. Wondering how do I go from here? Beating myself up so bad of all the things I wish I could change. But then, as soon as I snap myself out of it, that light inside of me came flicker back on.

Two words for you honey: It’s Gone. Snap Out Of It. You gotta accept the hard fact that it/they aren’t coming back to you. Regrets and overthinking are just what’s going to slow you down. Nothing more. Learn from it and urge yourself to move past it. Maybe the next thing might not be as alluring as what you just missed, but if there’s anything solid I’ve learnt, is that You’ll Never Know.

You could bag the most successful and hottest guy in your neighborhood, but would he be able to provide you the amount of time you needed from him? You could bag that dream job that everyone’s talking about, but what really goes on behind it? 

I’m not saying all good things have a hidden agenda. But it’s important to know: Things really aren’t what they seem. Same goes as the things you look little on it. And sometimes you’ll never realize what’s good for you until later. The universe, is far too vast and complicated for us to comprehend. So save your brain out of that trouble.

And know this: What’s meant for you will never miss you, and what misses you was never meant for you.


When life feels like it’s standing still for you while everyone else seems to be getting on, that’s when you should lift that ass off that solid surface.

Go for a run, do errands, pick up a hobby, volunteer, catch up with people even if you feel like the biggest loser among your friends, dance. Simply stop focusing so much on yourself but things around you. Whatever it is, break a sweat and lure out those endorphin! It’s easier to feel sorry and start giving up I know, so give yourself a little time to recover but then push yourself back into civilization.


I’ve learnt to accept the fact that I may never find anyone who would truly understand my heart, thoughts and soul. And for me, that’s okay.

Why build up this blog page without earning any cash? My friends and family wouldn’t understand why. But for me? It’s about broadening my skills and love in expressing myself to others through writing, at the same time contributing a small part towards society. And sometimes, just being that in life, is enough.

You can listen to others, but always, always stay true to your heart. 

I used to let others’ voices sway me around a long time ago, till to the verge of me not recognizing who that person is in the mirror anymore. Like an empty shell without an occupant.

But I’ve now let the outer critics come in, let myself feel the hurt, anger, confusion and disappointment, let the disapproval come swarming in from all directions, let the questioning eyes and judgement wander, let the external voices come telling me which direction I should go. And this time? I CHOOSE to stand firm on shaky grounds. And once I’ve found that voice inside of me to leave my lips in terms of its needs? I gain control back in steering that wheel back to where I desire.

So honey? Fight. 


You can change your fate ONLY If You Set Your Heart & Mind On It.

How many times have we seen that silver lining across the horizon but deem too far-fetched to reach for it? That, is your heart shutting itself out from it.

Weigh your circumstances and judge for yourself which is worth fighting for, which is worth rewriting for. You’re the only person in the world who knows the answer.


Perfection. All that it is, is just a Pain In The Ass. Preventing oxygen from flowing into your lungs properly because you’re too busy accurately fixating that certain dot to another. And frankly? Rather boring.

Think about it.


Yes! It works, as a psychology factor.

Unless you wanted to create an ambiance or just to relax, for the love of GOD, please, don’t be a hermit staying enclosed within the shadow of its shell.

Just 2 days ago, I went buying some new light bulbs for my apartment. I was so sick of living in the shadows, having to squint my eyes to have a better look at what I was working on. AND BOY. How I wish I had made that change so much sooner! Not only does it finally pulls my eyes out of its misery, it gives me a new sense of hope– It’s like telling myself: as long as I allowed it, as long as I don’t give up, Light, will always shines in during my darkest hours.

If you feel depressed or hopeless in life, honey, light up a little bit more; even if it’s just coming from a single candle. You will shine bright like it as long as you still believe.


Demons. The ones in your head. Oh boy, The Ultimate Kryptonite.

We all have it, weather one wants to admit it or not. And because it’s so easy to get entranced into it, that’s what makes it so deadly when it turns haywire.

I’ve been through it far too many times I have lost count of it. Insecure, antsy, overthinking, constantly feeling like someone’s going to sabotage my life. The reason why I sometimes choose to be alone. To be away from people. I let it rob away the good things in life. I know, how hard it is to shake it out, despite how easy everyone thinks.

Where did it stem from? For me, it was ghosts from me growing up. High expectations follow by heavier disappointments. Leaving me wanting to stop hoping. I could easily let fall into severe depression if I lose control of it. As easy as that. But I won’t have that.

But for some people, they can’t even grasp control. If you are one of them, do, reach out. You will never know how severe your condition is unless you talk to someone, anyone who would never take your situation lightly.

I know, try as I might, my demons Will come haunting me from time to time, making me question, raising that dreadful doubt. But you and me, we need to know that, it is really a trap, sometimes a deception/an illusion. Try to walk out of it, if you can.


What’s that cliché phrase again?

“You know what’s worse than dying? It’s losing all Hope in life.”

Yeah, that’s the one.

Treat HOPE, not just as a word. But see it as your Life Support. The ONE thing that you can’t live without it, as in air, and water. We all live for a reason, a purpose ain’t it? No matter how big or small. In today’s generation, I don’t think there’s anyone out there now who lives, just for the sake of living. How is that different from a walking zombie?

As long as you have HOPE darling? You will still have the birds and the bees, or even a freaking Unicorn.

Hold on to that dream.

I suppose I could go on and ON about this list. But what’s the point if you read hundreds of them and only ever remember much of it. With that, I shall stop here.

It’s all in the Mind baby.

And you know what you need to do to keep it in Tip-Top all rounded curvy-licious condition?

Back to the Classic 3 Rules.

Eat Well(and enough), Sleep Deep, and Exercise.

Yes I do am aware that I’m sounding like a matronly lady. BUT it’s THE TRUTH, and Nothing but The Truth.

Just 8 codes, and 3 basic rules my love. To set your heart free. To let it run free like a child towards happiness. Towards positivity at least.

I’ve some work to do and so do you;)

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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