Yes, She Has A Strong Heart, But These Are The Things She Wish You Knew Too.

And if you let go

‘ll float towards the sun

I’m stronger ’cause you fill me up

But when the fear comes

And I drift towards the ground

I am lucky that you’re around

Yeah, I wanted to play tough
Thought I could do all this on my own
But even Superwoman
Sometimes needed Superman’s soul

Help me out of this hell

Your love lifts me up like helium

Your love lifts me up when I’m down down down

When I’ve hit the ground

You’re all I need

Sia – Helium

She’s Strong, She’s Sexy, She’s Independent. That’s what you see.

For a while, the world sees her as Unbreakable. She can make it whatever if she wants to. 

And That’s Probably True.

Admiration, salutation, inspiration, motivation, jealousy, affection, scrutiny, she got it all.

She’s proud of herself for coming this far. It hadn’t been easy.

She’d change everyone’s perspective. Where was that baby girl?

And yes, on days she does really felt as invincible as she looks. Where the world falls at her feet. Carefree yet with a sense of renowned purpose. She believes in herself without a doubt in the world.

One look at her and you know better than to so even lift a finger for her, thinking: She doesn’t need me.

Seems pretty much like it don’t it?


Let me tell you that when you see a woman acting oh so confident and purposeful, almost too intimidating most of the time? That’s just part of her inner “ego fairy godmother” twirling about within. Weather she likes to admit it or not.

Despite knowing she has no choice but to survive on her own. Despite believing in herself and life’s greater good. Despite using that outer shield as a self-defense mechanism. Despite being this way for far too long she did forgotten how to take a step back and let someone hold the reins for her.

It’s just a mask. To survive in a world where you can hardly trust anyone.


The whole world telling you a strong woman is someone who only ever Wanted a Man, but not Needing him.

Oh come On. Do you Honestly believe in that?

I am Not a weakling. I’m grateful to be a lady and more proud than ever of how far we have come to accomplish just about anything a man can do. Even far better at some.

But No. A Strong Woman Is Someone Who Can Stand Alone But Also Won’t Hesitate To Admit That She Needs A Man At The Same Time. The Right Man.

Because deep inside, she’s crying.

Times, she longs for his arms around her at night. A sanctuary where she could thrust her heart completely in for once.

Times, she longs for his touch, his spirit, his laugh, his sense of humor, his presence, his soothing voice, his shoulders to lean on. A place to call- Home. A push to move forward with vengeance, knowing, no matter how far she goes, he will forever stay in sight each time she glances back.

She hated, for wanting to break so many times but still needing to fold back up, all on her own.

She wish, she could scream to the world she really ain’t that strong as she looks.

She wish, someone who matters would know her heart, see through her broken soul, despite her not saying much. She wish, he did hug her close till all her pieces fit back together again.

And she hated herself for having to put a tough facade on.

She’s tired, of standing so tall all the time. 

Her heart, is sour and exhausted. Almost, losing its radiance.

Yes, she could cry out to the Lord and garner strength from heaven above; but GOD wouldn’t have created men in the first place to satisfy a woman’s needs.

But she ain’t just about to settle for Anyone that easily. Nor investing her heart completely with just about anyone. She just, ain’t that girl.

STOP telling her she should open her heart a little bit more. Stop telling her she needs to change her perspectives. Stop thinking you know what’s best for her.

Because when it comes to the heart of a woman such as her, you’ll never touch nor understand the depths of it.

Believe me when I say she tries, she really did. But each time, her heart forbids her intentions.

She did seen Enough to know better. She did knew herself enough to know what she needed in a man. She’s wise enough now to know if it’s something worth fighting for.

And that’s the heart-wrenching part.

Because she knew, that Someone, doesn’t come easily.

Despite knowing, she needs a man.

Because if you knew better, you did know the Happiest, Most Confident and Successful Women are sometimes, fuel by the person they love.

Bestest Of Luck In The Name Of Love Honeys.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs




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