Don’t You Forget About Her.

There will be moments.

Moments, where suddenly things are spinning out of control, again.

Moments, where you get swept in the waves of life’s demanding requests of you. Day in day out, and without realizing it, you’re slowly living based on what’s expected of you, based on what everyone else is doing. Based on, what everyone defines as…Fun. You’d forgotten to swim against the current like you once did and create your own wave.

Moments, where you start forgetting what it is that you originally set your path out to be. You’d somewhat cast it aside in pursuit of money.

Moments, where you start forgetting your Goals, Dreams and Intentions. Your hard-earned cash that fells into your hands being lead into temptations, when all you’ve really wanted right from the start is to use it instead to build your Dreams. 

Moments, where you start to lose touch of your identity. All because you wanted to make others happy. To make them like you. Who knows when you’ll need them one day? So be nice to everyone, you tell yourself.

Moments, when you’re struggling to fit in, in the process hurting yourself; thinking: what else can I do better? How can I change? How can I be like them? All because, you’re afraid of being left behind. When, in the first place, You’re More Than Enough, all beautiful and unique in your own ways.

Moments, where you wouldn’t believe it, but you’d forgotten to show the world your own stride, your own style. You wouldn’t believe it, because you used to be the girl who’s so comfortable in her own skin and wouldn’t care less about what others thought of you. How did this happen to you now? Life had crushed you in big waves, deflating your ego, that’s how. But you’d pull yourself way Too Low.  

Moments, where you let others dictate which people you should like or dislike. Based on their views. Without even looking beneath the surface. People are so quick to judge in a second, and you play along with it.

Moments, where you’d forgotten How Significant too your Own Voice is right this second. Where you let other voices boom over yours, making you shrink.

Moments, where you let others define How Interesting your life is, based on their own point of view and mindset. When you actually lead yourself to believe in this Lie, even when they don’t have the slightest clue on what else is going on in your life, or before they met you. You actually bought into that.

Moments, where you’d forgotten everyone’s journey, expectations and hopes are different, So Different. That it doesn’t makes you any less interesting just because you don’t live your life like the rest.

Moments, where you let your world revolved around that crush/your boyfriend a bit far too much because you worry they’d stop thinking about you or you’d end up losing them.

Moments, where you let yourself settle for less when you know you deserve better. Someone who deserves all the love you’ve garnered inside waiting to explode. Because you’re hell as lovable.

Moments, where you suddenly miss..your existence.

You let all these things happen to you knowing it shouldn’t be this way. These unnecessary restlessness swarm inside of you.

And so, The Moments Shift.

Simply because you have the power to do so.

Moments, when you came into your senses once again and know that, any sorts of humans’ relationships cannot ever be forced.  It’s either you click or you don’t; and at the end of the day, even if you’re left standing alone, It Is Perfectly Fine. The sky’s still blue and the birds still chirp. Look around you, the world is still so beautiful. Because you’re beautiful too in your own way. What’s not fine is? you changing your identity to fit. You don’t have to talk or act a certain way just to be liked.

Moments, when you realize, conversations between people aren’t just about dates, men and relationships, work or gossips about others. There’s so much MORE that’s happening in this world and to share about instead. When you realize it’s okay to see yourself starting to shift away from them, moving towards something more in depth.

Moments, when you realize it doesn’t matter if others sees you as someone who takes herself too seriously and doesn’t know how to have fun. Or the other way around. Because that only means they don’t really know you in the first place after all. Don’t, ever Stop being yourself honey. Laugh, only when you mean it, and Laugh It Loud, Laugh It GOOD.

Moments, when you come back to yourself again, alone.

Moments, when you go back to your lifestyle, diet and workout routines which makes your body so fit and strong, even if it’s boring to everyone else. Reminding yourself, you reap what you sow.

Moments, when you pick up that book again, reminding yourself how much you love to read, indulging yourself in your element where no one else could intrude nor understand and lose yourself for a good few hours.

Moments, when you turn on your favorite set of music and feel your soul sways along wholeheartedly with it, reminding yourself of all the moments and stories that made up your life which is YOU, and only you. Never mind if it’s a One Hit Wonder or the most sacred musician/song no one around you knows about.

Moments, when you come back to your personal project again, picking up where you left off. Reminding yourself that solemn promise you made to yourself before venturing out into civilization again. Reminding yourself who you were before anything that has happened.

Moments, where you catch up with people that truly matters. The ones that truly gets you, in all your charms and quirks without a single tinge of judgement. The ones who truly love you. The ones where you can be yourself completely. Reminding yourself, there’s more to life, and you outside of that Job.

Moments, where you indulge yourself in activities/hobbies not Everyone but your close friends know about. Celebrating this other side of you.

Moments, when you remind yourself once again, this life, is All About You. YOU being the Main Character; and whatever else happens in life: family, friends, lovers, work, entertainment are just your supporting crew, Bonuses, to add that extra spice in your life. This life, is all about you taking charge in GOD’s will and contributing to the world, making an impact, no matter how big or small; while savoring what this world has to offer in return.

Moments, when you remind yourself this life, isn’t just about showing up for a job, waiting for a special someone to come sweep you off your feet and spend your days/holidays/weekends with. Take just these 2 elements off and what does that left of you? The answer holds a bigger significance than you care to admit.

Moments, where you can listen to that voice inside of you again. The one that defies the rest. The one that makes people disagree or frown in response at times but it’s the one that makes your heart feel right. 

So Come Back.

Come Back To Yourself from time to time. Feel yourself again.

Don’t You Forget About Her.

And “her”, simply refers to YOU(& me), all you beautiful readers.

Till Then.

xOxO, ALs


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